Monday, 27 October 2008

My Friends Are Lame

I took a look at my inbox a few moments ago and look what I find:

I have just learned that my church/school friends are possibly the lamest people I know. Lamer than Nanalew even. Let's have a closer look at those times hmm?

What are you doing on Facebook all at the same time? Are you all really that stuck for something to do on a Monday night? I mean, I know it's Monday and not much happens on a Monday but for goodness' sake - GOOD NEWS WEEK WAS ON!

Or perhaps there was a Facebook party I was not invited to? Have I been tagged such a pariah that I'm not invited to your Facebook poking-parties?

No. There is no such thing as a Facebook party. You are all lame. This is the only possible explanation.

And you all call me the internet addict. Sheesh.


  1. The one at 9:48pm should be ashamed with themselves. Clearly behind the times.

  2. Addendum: I'm more than aware the "friend you suggested" emails are probably only sent out once the friend request is accepted by both people, meaning my friends aren't lame Facebook addicts at all.

    But I like to pretend because it's funnier this way!

  3. xDD that made me crack up so much, even if it is one person accepting all the requests. But shhh.
    Who was it accepting everything, out of interest?

  4. It was Tim. I recommended him as a friend to basically everybody.

  5. i can solve this problem!!! we all added Tim, and then he accepted us all at the same time... don't worry Rohan, you would SO have been invited to our Facebook party!

  6. I find it amusing that you went to all that trouble scrubbing out surnames, but forgot to scrub out the surnames slightly to the right of them.

  7. facebook does that to us all-we forget to function in a socially acceptable way.But since EVERYONE'S doing it, it just becomes accepted!


    [btw, holy rohan's list of followed blogs, batman! that's a serious list you've acquired there, sir. glad to see i'm at the top {and that's not even sarcasm!}.] <---- that's correct grammar/bracket usage.