Friday, 10 October 2008

Librarian's Son, Part II

You might recall that, rather fittingly for a Nerdfighter, I am a librarian's son. You might also recall, however, that I don't particularly like being known as the librarian's son, because that is all I have ever been known as my entire life.

Occasionally a body likes to be known for something other than the parents he came from.

So when I found out that one of my (relatively) long-time subscribers actually attended my high school I was faced with a problem. Well actually I was faced with two problems framed as questions and one problem framed as a statement:
The first has nothing to do with this blog post and goes thusly: Did she know that we attended the same school before I asked her and if so, why didn't she tell me?

The second merely gives background information: I found others. To my delight Hillcrest is a regular little Nerdfighter haven. Most of them don't watch my videos, but come Monday when the school-yard grapevine whirs back to life they will probably all find out I exist online.

Thirdly and most relevantly to this post, do I tell them that I am the librarian's son?
If I did, I run the risk of only ever being known as the librarian's son for my whole entire life no matter who I associate with or what I achieve. That is one of my most mortal fears. It's up there with spiders and clowns.


If I do, then there is a chance my dad will have a good handful of students (I'm imagining around five or six) asking him if he is RoboFillet's father. The phrasing is very important because they will ask if he is RoboFillet's father; as in I will be the point of reference and not him. This is the exact opposite of my terrible fear!

I'm sure this would be of great interest to my psychiatrist, if I had one.

In the course of writing this blog entry I have since discovered my choice in the matter has been taken away. Katrina has a sister and she still attends the school.

So what's done is done. I never thought that my videos on YouTube would actually land so close to my 'real life'. I suppose in the back of my mind I knew it was a possibility when I started. I added the secondary-principal on Facebook even, of course it was going to get out into the school!

Well it's no good complaining about it, I may as well claim it and be all HOO-HA!!! NERDFIGHTERS!!!

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  1. I've always wondered why you "never thought that my videos on YouTube would actually land so close to my 'real life'" but then I've always wondered why you compartmentalise the two notions (online and "IRL") so much too.

    Lately I've been seeing this whole array of "Will YouTube Damage My Job Prospects?" type videos. And I think it is interesting that people still think of this stuff as being somehow separate or different to who they are.

    Not to mention that within the context of NERDFIGHTERS having a librarian as a father is probably something to be revered, given that half of the VLOG BROTHERS is an author... and that so much of the activities of the group is centred around reading. ;)