Saturday, 25 October 2008

I'm in the Passion Blog!

It turns out yours truly is very unattentive inattentive (thank you spell-check). Remember yesterday when I told you to go to the Passion blog and check it out? Well today I was re-reading the blog posts about Passion Sydney and reminiscing about how awesome the night was when I saw MY FRIEND ANDREW'S FACE.

Turns out that guy who took our picture while we were waiting in line? Remember him? (Why yes, Rohan, I do). It turns out that he chose our picture to be part of the collage on the blog. Or someone else did - whatever.

The point is now you should definitely go to that blog entry so you can play Where's Rohan? - it's like Where's Wally? except easier because I'm wearing my blue hoodie and smiling with a bunch of Christians rather than wearing red-and-white stripes and hiding behind a reverse-merman with people-legs instead of a tail.

That paragraph was one continuous sentence and I will not apologise.

PS: Fail! I forgot to add the link where you can play Where's Rohan? You can do so here.

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