Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Assorted Silliness

There is too much seriousness going on here on this blog!

Save me lol pictures folder!

Look at that absurd ad! LOL! LOL times a million!

On the topic of "LOL"

Does anybody say "lol' out loud in real life? I propose that if you do and you aren't trying to be self-depreciatingly funny you don't have a soul. Laughter is the language of the soul, and if you're too busy saying "lol" IRL instead of actually laughing it obviously means you're dead inside; something my friend Liz faithfully tweeted for me a few nights ago.


On the topic of "IRL"

This is my most favourite of acronyms to say out loud because the only people who understand it aren't really/properly/fully IRL at all.


Talking in third-person makes me feel dirty! Unfortunately this has the potential to get me into minor grammatical trouble on Facebook ("Rohan Totally going home to have some lunch"), but I swear only the Queen can pull off this look.

Oh wait! That's not the Queen! That's Uma Thurman.

How embarrassing. People might think I'm republican - perish the thought!

Alright here you go, HRH Liz in all her glory:

She looks like such an nice old lady. I bet she spoils her grandkids rotten.


The Royal Family are up-to-date with the things the children are into; they have a YouTube channel! (Hint: this is very funny!)

The end.


  1. Hahah, sometimes those ad games are really fun! I've actually played that shave the legs one before.

    Hm.. Should I have admitted that?

  2. I heard this young kid in the street one day (possibly a girl), she said LOL but was with her parents, so maybe she was just saying that as kids don't have much these days to rebel.

  3. I dont say LOL i say LLOL(literally laugh out loud) i don't really say that.

    IRL~I agree with you

    And Uma has one eye smaller than the other...that is the first thing i noticed