Friday, 31 October 2008

Sometimes I Do You Know...

New Video which there is this still:

I'll link it when it goes public. No doubt I'll tweet it too.


Dear Nebo, we all know what a n00b I am. Thank you for pointing it out. The image has now been fixed!

Dear Shawna, no you are. Also I'm not going to type it out twice. Also those are just the Blogger blogs I follow. There are others; so many others. (I guess what I am trying to say is that I am hardcore blog-Nerdfighter-tron)

Dear Elizabeth Danes, I don't know why I bothered scrubbing your full name from the picture in the first place. Also you do not read the comments before you comment. Also I will give you back your September-mix CD next time I see you (probably Sunday).


Find the video here, chickens: What I've Been Up To

Thank you!

Monday, 27 October 2008

My Friends Are Lame

I took a look at my inbox a few moments ago and look what I find:

I have just learned that my church/school friends are possibly the lamest people I know. Lamer than Nanalew even. Let's have a closer look at those times hmm?

What are you doing on Facebook all at the same time? Are you all really that stuck for something to do on a Monday night? I mean, I know it's Monday and not much happens on a Monday but for goodness' sake - GOOD NEWS WEEK WAS ON!

Or perhaps there was a Facebook party I was not invited to? Have I been tagged such a pariah that I'm not invited to your Facebook poking-parties?

No. There is no such thing as a Facebook party. You are all lame. This is the only possible explanation.

And you all call me the internet addict. Sheesh.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

I'm in the Passion Blog!

It turns out yours truly is very unattentive inattentive (thank you spell-check). Remember yesterday when I told you to go to the Passion blog and check it out? Well today I was re-reading the blog posts about Passion Sydney and reminiscing about how awesome the night was when I saw MY FRIEND ANDREW'S FACE.

Turns out that guy who took our picture while we were waiting in line? Remember him? (Why yes, Rohan, I do). It turns out that he chose our picture to be part of the collage on the blog. Or someone else did - whatever.

The point is now you should definitely go to that blog entry so you can play Where's Rohan? - it's like Where's Wally? except easier because I'm wearing my blue hoodie and smiling with a bunch of Christians rather than wearing red-and-white stripes and hiding behind a reverse-merman with people-legs instead of a tail.

That paragraph was one continuous sentence and I will not apologise.

PS: Fail! I forgot to add the link where you can play Where's Rohan? You can do so here.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Sydney Trip Number Two

Well I suppose you want to know how my trip to Sydney went, hmmm? It was wonderful. Very very. The only disappoint I had was I didn't need a gun to circumvent Liam's ambush plan. He was actually very cordial. Most of the trip was uneventful hanging around time, which doesn't sound exciting but really is.

I'll try and keep this relatively short and entertaining.

I got up incredibly ridiculously early to catch my flight. Everything went smoothly and soon I was catching the train up to where I was staying (which turns out is quite close to where Min lives, but hush hush on that twisty bit of info.)

I took the train straight back into the city after that to meet up with Liam. We walked around a bit getting a feel for the city and had mochas at the Lindt Cafe on Darling Harbour where our receipts looked thusly:

It made us laugh, like, a lot.

Later we went to see Eagle Eye, which was pretty good. After that we had dinner in The Side Bar, which also made us laugh. It's a really nice bar too - if we don't drink there during the November 29 gathering there are going to be words.

I got into the city around 11:00am but unfortunately Min couldn't join us. Most of the day was spent walking from food-place to food-place. In one food-place WE SAW JOHN GREEN!


Okay, so that might not actually be John Green, but it sure looked like it!

That night we had a drink at one of my favourite (yet very expensive) bars - The Watershed. I like it mostly because of its amazing view of the skyline (of which this is a small part):


The birthday collaboration went up at 2am on this day:

I caught the train into the city with Min, Nikki and Queenie (good times) and then... Liam, Min, Nikki, Queenie, Jack, Tiffany and I went to the aquarium!

The picture orgy:
Queenie and I, on the train

Min and Nikki on the train

Nikki, Min, a bit of Tiffany and Liam at the aquarium

Jack at the aquarium

Ghost Nikki

Nikki and Tiffany recreating the moment we found a lady asleep there

Me, underwater (really)

Our special friend; a fish MISSING A CHUNK OF ITS HEAD

Unfortunately it couldn't last, most of the above had to go back to uni, so Liam, Min and I hung out for the rest of the day. Liam and I saw Burn After Reading later that night - very, very good although Liam fell asleep (fail!) =P

Spent the morning with Min and Liam (they are very cute together) but then bid them goodbye =( I spent the rest of the day with my friends from church sorting out our hotel and seeing Sydney's sights. We also visited this music store Andrew and Tim were excited about.

That night we went to Passion, which is an American-based ministry for university students. That night defies description it was so good! Seriously. So. Good. I could write about it forever, but I won't because it won't mean the same to you. Let's just say it's the best conference/church service I've ever been to. Seriously life-changing.

Read about it on the Passion blog. And again. Seriously - do it! It also has pictures of the venue etc which are well worth a look!

We stayed up late that night and laughed ourselves silly tellling stories in our hotel room until the wee hours of the morning. During this time I learned Glen is a pirate. After that I went to bed and woke up only a few hours later to catch my flight to the Gold Coast with Ralph, Tim, Crystal and Alana. I was sad to go home - I have so many assignments waiting for me!

Friday, 17 October 2008

A Couple of Things

Hey hey I forgot to post this. After I drew my side-panel image for my YouTube channel, HalfScottishGuy snuck in there and graffitied all over it!

Grr! =P

Also I'm off to Sydney tomorrow morning and I'll be gone until Wednesday morning. Follow my adventures on Twitter! Woooooo!

I should go and pack, and then sleep. I've got to get up at a STUPID STUPID hour so I can make my flight.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Compartmentalising - IRL vs URL

Blogger (haha, nearly typed "Blagger") doesn't have a reply function for comments the same way YouTube does, so I was going to make this entry really quick and just reply to something real fast. Today had other ideas though, and I'll dwell on this a little bit longer before I go to bed.

In a comment on my last entry John Lacey wondered why I seemingly compartmentalise my online and IRL lives. The short and unsatisfying answer is that I don't. Not at all. The proper answer is this: the reason why I talk about IRL at all is only because other people still see the world this way, and this makes it easier for them.

In the context of my last post I was amazed that teachers and students at my old high school have discovered my videos. I said: "I never thought that my videos on YouTube would actually land so close to my 'real life'." I understand that friends I've made over the internet sometimes take offence to statements like this, because it implies that my relationships with them aren't as important to me as the ones I have with people I phisically interact with.

The fact of the matter is, though, that not everyone who reads my blog comes from the internet (hi Mum and Dad, hi Auntie Maz and Uncle Dick). For the sake of simplicity I speak about these things as if they were separate because to those people - they are. I already have a problem with super-convoluted sentences - I don't want a paragraph of politically-correct clarifying text every time I want to talk about my activites online.

Some people go to great lengths to keep their IRL and URL lives very very separate. Internet activities are a secret. It would be an awful invasion of privacy if family members were to read their blog. I've never hidden what I do online, not ever. My amazement last post was that somehow some people I only had a tenuous, yet personal connection with had found what I do online. Is my profile really large enough for that to occur - especially after writing that post on fame? I suppose relatively speaking Australia is a small pond, but still!

GAH! Why am I rambling like this? Zacaryxbinks has just today explained the importance of online friends much more eloquently than I ever could. And if you don't click that link I'm going to come and get you with murderous intentions.

Today drove this home for me more than ever. I spent the majority of the day in an epic Skype conversation - epic in length, number of people and what was actually said. I'm so glad (more than you could ever know) that I have these (and other!) friends as part of my life. I even made a new one. =D

Friday, 10 October 2008

Librarian's Son, Part II

You might recall that, rather fittingly for a Nerdfighter, I am a librarian's son. You might also recall, however, that I don't particularly like being known as the librarian's son, because that is all I have ever been known as my entire life.

Occasionally a body likes to be known for something other than the parents he came from.

So when I found out that one of my (relatively) long-time subscribers actually attended my high school I was faced with a problem. Well actually I was faced with two problems framed as questions and one problem framed as a statement:
The first has nothing to do with this blog post and goes thusly: Did she know that we attended the same school before I asked her and if so, why didn't she tell me?

The second merely gives background information: I found others. To my delight Hillcrest is a regular little Nerdfighter haven. Most of them don't watch my videos, but come Monday when the school-yard grapevine whirs back to life they will probably all find out I exist online.

Thirdly and most relevantly to this post, do I tell them that I am the librarian's son?
If I did, I run the risk of only ever being known as the librarian's son for my whole entire life no matter who I associate with or what I achieve. That is one of my most mortal fears. It's up there with spiders and clowns.


If I do, then there is a chance my dad will have a good handful of students (I'm imagining around five or six) asking him if he is RoboFillet's father. The phrasing is very important because they will ask if he is RoboFillet's father; as in I will be the point of reference and not him. This is the exact opposite of my terrible fear!

I'm sure this would be of great interest to my psychiatrist, if I had one.

In the course of writing this blog entry I have since discovered my choice in the matter has been taken away. Katrina has a sister and she still attends the school.

So what's done is done. I never thought that my videos on YouTube would actually land so close to my 'real life'. I suppose in the back of my mind I knew it was a possibility when I started. I added the secondary-principal on Facebook even, of course it was going to get out into the school!

Well it's no good complaining about it, I may as well claim it and be all HOO-HA!!! NERDFIGHTERS!!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Assorted Silliness

There is too much seriousness going on here on this blog!

Save me lol pictures folder!

Look at that absurd ad! LOL! LOL times a million!

On the topic of "LOL"

Does anybody say "lol' out loud in real life? I propose that if you do and you aren't trying to be self-depreciatingly funny you don't have a soul. Laughter is the language of the soul, and if you're too busy saying "lol" IRL instead of actually laughing it obviously means you're dead inside; something my friend Liz faithfully tweeted for me a few nights ago.


On the topic of "IRL"

This is my most favourite of acronyms to say out loud because the only people who understand it aren't really/properly/fully IRL at all.


Talking in third-person makes me feel dirty! Unfortunately this has the potential to get me into minor grammatical trouble on Facebook ("Rohan Totally going home to have some lunch"), but I swear only the Queen can pull off this look.

Oh wait! That's not the Queen! That's Uma Thurman.

How embarrassing. People might think I'm republican - perish the thought!

Alright here you go, HRH Liz in all her glory:

She looks like such an nice old lady. I bet she spoils her grandkids rotten.


The Royal Family are up-to-date with the things the children are into; they have a YouTube channel! (Hint: this is very funny!)

The end.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

YouTube Fame


This post got accidentally published a few days ago, any people who use RSS readers will have already seen an unedited version of it! One in particular (John Lacey) even replied to it in his blog, which seems all upside-down. But anyway, that's what happened.

Back in August I got a message from a guy who was (at the time) hovering just below me in subscribers. Now he has a good deal more than me, but I digress. It went something exactly like this:

"hey man -- how do you know so many famous youtube people? haha"

I'm not trying to attack him directly but I had a few problems with that. It got me thinking; "No! No! The whole thinking behind the question is wrong! I never thought I would say it but that was a wrong question!"

How do I know so many famous YouTube people? Well... I, um, it's probably because they're not famous!

YouTube fame is such an illusion. Sure, some guy (and then someone else) drew my picture and that was very cool, but in the end he is one guy who I may never meet.

I have 1,240 subscribers to date and of those about 800-900 actually watch, which sounds like a lot but really it isn't. That is a smaller audience than the local Gold Coast newsreader plus they are scattered all over the world! The only place they all come together is on YouTube which, while it is a real 'place' where real things happen, in the end it's a website.

In his reply to my unedited version of this blog, John insisted that YouTube fame is real fame - it's widespread recognition sans the glamour. I don't disagree with this, but the fame you acquire online almost never (emphasis on never) flows into "real life".

Ze Frank is a marvelous example - he is probably one of the most influential people on the internet. His social network is vast and highly motivated but he is far from being a household name. His fame, while considerable in the right circles still isn't what we would usually call 'fame'.

Even the people in the top ten most subscribed aren't household names despite having over half a million subscribers. If you're looking to be famous you're still better off doing an internship with a TV station or something and working your way up.

My friends and I aren't famous either. When I had lunch with Liv and Mitto the other day we joked about getting free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme because "don't they know who we ARE?!" My friends were even less famous when I started talking to them.

I suppose if the original question needs a proper answer then this is it: I know these 'famous' people because I made friends with (most of) them before they got well-known.

I know for a fact that there will be others who will become 'famous' too. You need to make friends with people regardless of where you think they'll go. If they're successful then they're successful. If not they're still your friend and you should stop being so damn shallow.

I didn't actually answer that way though. I just said:
"There is no such thing as YouTube fame. It is all an illusion."
and I never heard another word from him.

I'm a bit afriad that if he sees this he might think I'm trying to attack him. That is completely not my intention! I think he is past asking me for advice but I'm afraid that the search for "YouTube fame" and being associated with the right people on the site is something too many people fall into - thus this post.

Trust me though, it's all mirrors and smoke. People rise and fall and you could chase subscribers forever and never get to the bottom of that hole - there's always one more to be had.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Drawings Galore!

Another drawing of me has wriggled its way out of the woodwork! This one was done by Shinsei Onnen.

I really love this one. Again, it's of me with long hair (something tells me I should probably grow it again... but I'm so conflicted!) It makes me wonder if this is really how people see me, because I feel like a dork about 95% of the time, and here I look awesome.

I actually can't remember posting the picture this is based off to the internet, but looks familiar somehow so I must have. I'm going to scurry around and look so I can compare them.

I know this completely opposes the "no self-important posts" rule I set for myself last night, but I think I can make an exception here because she put so much work into it! I want to let her know that I really appreciate it.