Saturday, 20 September 2008


People are so gnomist these days. What was once looked upon as a cute or even quaint addition to the garden is now seen as ugly and kitsch. KITSCH!

I suffer this gnomist attitude everywhere I go. I am shocked and sickened.

I was purchasing some gnomes from the local Bunnings. Bunnings has only a small selection of gnomes for sale - they are one of the few retailers who sell them at all! I bought two of them for a short film I'm making for uni.

I got to the checkout with a gnome tucked under each arm and what does the lady say?! She says:

So who's the gnome-lover then?

I tried to laugh it off. Hahaha. But really inside I panicked. "I'm buying them for a film I'm making!" I say. What kind of film she asks? A film about gnomes I reply. She scrunched up her nose at me. Scrunched up her nose!


I had to go back and buy duplicates (because they will be needed for movie magic purposes). Thankfully I didn't meet that woman again.

However, when I got home my parents were shocked that I would buy that many gnomes. My father is a registered gnome-hater and new ones pop up in the garden to keep him under surveillance. This is no joke.

So now I have a little pow-wow of gnomes in my room. I like to think they are conspiring against all the gnomist so-and-sos out there. Gnomes are wonderful and lovely. Treat them with love and you will live through the night, because they carry little pick-axes and shovels.

The end.


  1. That gnome next to your head looks like it's made of icing and should be on a cake. You could totally make a little pow-wow of gnome cakes!

  2. Is that third picture the pow-wow? I kind of looks like it's been taken in the shop. You should post one of them in your room.

  3. Haha, Omgosh!
    I secretly (or not so secretly) love garden gnomes. I used to really dislike them and then sooner or later it turned into me really wanting one!

    My roommate and I want to get one as a "pet" for our suite :-p

  4. You should confer with Leuke, he's a noted gnomosexual.