Sunday, 31 August 2008


I have freaky dreams. I used to blog about them, until the glory of Twitter. Now they come in tweet-form the moment after I have them.

Here are my most recent ones, spelling mistakes and all:
I had a dream last night a parking inspector gave me a $1000+ fine and that I had a nervous breakdown. Crazy.

Had a dream about riding a motor-powered bicycle to uni. The bicycle got smaller and higher powered as I rode until it became a tricycle.

Had a dream about looking at the night sky outside a public library in July and seeing the Second Coming of Christ as an alien Santa Claus.

Had a dream that a ware-worm burrowed into my left foot. Yes! A ware-worm! Like, what?!

Dreamt the Govenor General was a zombie. Now I'm late for uni.

Dreamed I went to Canada (which was a fairytale land) for a YouTube gathering where an old lady with TB dressed as a wolf to try and eat me.
I also recall having a dream about Cuba being an American dependency. America had turned it into a wildlife park and had their federal police chasing me around like a terrorist because I had failed to stop at a stop sign. I remember looking for an ATM but I couldn't find one because Cuba is a Communist nation. Also the mosquito where attacking me, so I covered myself in mud.

I didn't tweet it though because, as you can see, it was far more than 140 characters long.


  1. Funny because I'm really an old hag who dresses up as a wolf and enjoys feasting on Aussies.

  2. Its interesting because I've been listening to this meditation thing for the last few days.. and suddenly for the first time in years I've been remembering my dreams. And not only that, but they've been nice (inoffensive) dreams too.