Sunday, 27 July 2008

World Youth Day 2008 (WYD08) Part 3

Don't forget this is Part 3! Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Day 3

We slept in 'till about 10 and then set off to say hi to bigxminh (Min) and aznfreak87 (Queenie). We subsequently got lost on Sydney's public transport system and were an hour late to our little meeting.

We spent about two hours or so talking, and I was feeling very unedited. I always feel this way when I meet a YouTuber for the first time. Like I'm worried the 'IRL me' doesn't match up to the 'online me'. It was lovely though. We had a great time.

After saying goodbye to them (which was sad) we took the train into the city. We were doing this really half-arsed effort to find the Lindt Café and in doing so stumbled across the Apple Store. While there I decided to do an Apple Store video but when I logged in I discovered riverbasil (Nick) and englishteaboy (Steve) had already uploaded one two hours beforehand!

I was spewing that I'd missed them (especially when I had forgotten to call Nick the day before after I got my credit) so I uploaded my video. Not two minutes later who should come and say hi? Steve and Nick. Turns out they were upstairs, still in the store.

We all walked around together after that. We checked out the building where they film Sunrise and Seven News (it has glass walls so you can see them do it). Unfortunately it wasn't being used at the time because the news was being broadcase live from Randwick Racecourse where the final Mass was to be held the next day.

Still, while we were there we met the Pope and she was very nice! She even knighted Nick (even though we were all pretty sure Popes don't knight people). Nick is now 'Sir Riverbasil' on all formal correspondence.

After that excitement we were all feeling pretty hungry. We took the train to New Town (I think?) where we had a Thai dinner. I thought it was lovely, but Nick found a sliver of beef in his vegetarian meal. Afterward we bought gelato, walked around a bit and took the train back. Then we said our goodbyes.

From Central Station Jacinta, Ellen and I all got hopelessly (and stupidly) lost. We could have caught a bus right from Central, but instead we walked around in circles for ages only for the bus to drive right back the way we came. We saw a big group of people dressed as Smurfs though, so I guess it was worth it. We'd had dinner really early, so we had heaps of time to hang out in Hendra and Marshella's apartment (where we were staying).

There will be one final Part 4, but not for a little bit. I don't want to over-Pope you!

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  1. I miss the smurfs who were smokin outside that club... They were kool coz theyre blue. Btw, thats a very kool foto of me. I look so black