Sunday, 27 July 2008

World Youth Day 2008 (WYD08) Part 2

See?! I told you I would do it! You thought it was just another lie, but you were wrong.

Don't forget that there is a Part 1! You can find it and read all about the first day. Please do; the first day was jam-packed.

Day 2

I ran out of phone credit. It was all the tweets and calling chrisontv88 from the night before. Thus, I couldn't tweet all day and I also couldn't call Azukar (Joel) to tell him where we were. We went traipsing around Sydney and took some rediculously Asian pictures in a photobooth which actually spoke at us in Japanese. (The one on the side is Jacinta's picture. I'll get a copy of mine up soon!)

After going to the markets and trying on (but ultimately not purchasing) some hats, I got my hands on some credit. I phoned Az and told him where we were. He had just got on the train to go back home, but he (thankfully!) got off and turned around again to see us. We met up in this futuristic-70s-style Asian-type restaurant called PoPoRo where you ordered your meals from computers. There was a bug in my salad, but I didn't mind.

Then we saw The Dark Knight. Due to my fear of clowns I squirmed and jumped my way all the way through this film. It was fantastic though. Utterly.

Pretty soon though, Darling Harbour called. We ended up back at the Watershed bar. Joel helpfully suggested we all have an absinthe shot to start off with and we giddily agreed.

After a few more drinks we spied some monks/priests wandering around (at 1 in the morning?!). Of course we had our photo taken with them.

I believe that there is Brother Paul, but it could also be Father Dominic. I forgot which was which.

These posts are always too long. Part three will go up in two hours. How do I know? I just know. I can see into the future.

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