Wednesday, 30 July 2008


My university recently had to renovate their library because of issues with humidity and mould in the law section. In the process of expanding the library to fix the problem, they remodelled the lower floor and made it open plan. I think it is ingenious and want to live there forever.

Or, well, at least until the ultra-modern d├ęcor horribly dates and becomes the new (less groovy) 60s (AKA the 70s? Thoughts please).

One of the brilliant features of the library is what I assume is a 'brainstorming corner' or something. Anyway, there is a wall made of whiteboards with whiteboard markers right there for anyone to use. The possibilities are mind-boggling.

We decided to start a Wikipedia parody:

Well when you think about it a whiteboard just sitting in a public place with accompanying markers is a wiki. It's just screaming to be covered in crude drawings of penises and jokes about Oscar Wilde.

Of course, instead of the penises, we used web memes - mostly from XKCD.

Here is the final text of what we left. We're hoping that people will get the joke and keep adding to it.

If you can't read it then clicking on the picture will embiggen it. If you really can't read it you can leave a comment and I could potentially email a really big version to you (offer expires once this post is a month old).

Also welcome to anyone who might be visiting from the Griffith games club (or whatever you're called). Tom reckoned he would give you guys a link or something. So anyway - hi!


  1. That is freaking amazing! I need to go see this tomorrow =P

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the remodelled library is the best thing to ever happen to that gosh-darned uni. :D:D I'm considering living there.