Monday, 28 July 2008

Independant Dreams

Today I'm at uni. Actually by the time you read this I will probably (definitely?) be in class as you read. This is due to the wonders of scheduled posting, which I love like a firstborn.

Yesterday I added yet more fuel to my wallet rapist at a super-low price of 144.9 cents per litre.

I know; suck it southern states. I have a government that likes me.

Still, shelling out $15 for about 10 litres of fuel isn't what I call ideal. I don't really want buy fuel at all, but I have to if I want to go to uni. There is no public transport where I live, because I live in the suburb of Hickville, Gold Coast.

I dream of living closer in town, perhaps in my own apartment (with a bus stop around the corner). It makes me smile. I could have guests! Guests would come and visit me and I would entertain them!

They would say: "Oh Rohan I love what you have done with your apartment."

And I would say: "Yes! Would you like a cup of tea?!"

Then they would say: "No thanks. I'll just have water."

I shall reply: "But I have tea! Tea right here! IT IS TRADITIONAL THAT I OFFER YOU TEA!"

Their response: "One sugar."

My house would be like a giant Flair board! I could put whatever I pleased in the house! Then I could invite people in to look at the house! Er, I mean, apartment.

I don't want a house. I want to be trendy and live in a box. A box elevated above the little people below.

Of course, this is ignoring the fact that I would have to pay rent for the house apartment. Rent equalling more than I'm currently paying for fuel.

This depresses me.

Roll on $8 a litre I say. Then (through twisty environmental economics) I could afford to live in a house apartment.

Look forward to me blogging incessently about uni for the next five months. It becomes my entire world.

Apartment picture by huxleyesque


  1. Kristen (Colormekristen)28 July 2008 at 01:47

    Haha, that was hysterical. I want to live in a trendy little box as well. It'd be so much fun to decorate! And so much easier to eat, because my school has no vegetarian food.

  2. Darn you Northerners! It is so unfair that your government doesn't want to rape your wallets as much as ours does :(

    By the way, would you force tea on those of us who do not drink tea??