Thursday, 10 July 2008

Facebook Jealousy – Librarian's Son

A childhood friend who lived around the corner and attended my primary school when I lived in Darwin has added me on Facebook. He has a motorbike and a girlfriend. I seriously do not measure up.This guy probably still thinks of me as the librarian's son.

Now I have to try and make myself look cool.

What if I changed my profile pic? Something like this?

Is that even cool? I look slightly disturbed. Like, you caught me picking my nose!

Oh who am I kidding? I cannot make this look cool:

The "Your ≠ You're" especially screams 'librarian's son!' So does the "Careful, you may end up in my novel" one. Oh and the one of the girl carrying the books and the one with the interrobang (and the fact that I know what an interrobang is) and all the Harry Potter ones and even the one with the coffee that says "You're my bitch!" could have a librarian-y kind of feel to it in light of all the others.

I will never escape the 'librarian's son' label. Ever. Like, ever-ever. I bet it will even be written in the biography section of all my books. There'll be a picture of me looking very bookish and authorly and underneath it the biography will start: "The son of a librarian, Rohan has..."

It's like if I don't particularly pay attention to how I dress before I go out and about. Inevitably I'm wearing what I call my 'Philosophy Tutor' jumper when I bump into someone I know from school. Also, I will not have done my hair, so it will be flat and nerdy-looking. The conversation usually goes:

Them: "Oh hey! Oh my god it's Rohan!"

Me: "Yeah hi, how are you?"

Them: "Good! So, like, what are you up to? Are you at uni?"

Me: "Yep I'm studying, um, writing–"

Them: "Ha! Good on–"

Me: "AND digital video!"

Them: (Disappointed) "Oh yeah. Awesome so... how's your dad?"

 It's about now I usually arch an eyebrow and give an answer clear enough so they know he's still kicking, but vague enough so they won't ask any further. Afterward I realise that an arched eyebrow is one of the trademarks of a stereotypical librarian, and that there is no escape.


  1. you're the son of a librarian?
    ...i'll just be over on this continent then, see you around...

  2. I had no idea Librarian's sons were so silly.

  3. Oh, you were Mr. Fillet's son? The Librarian from Hillcrest!? (<-- interrobang needed)

    I'm aware.

  4. But ... you taught me what an interrobang is! (well, like ... you had that Wikipedia link. So technically Wikipedia taught me, but if anyone asks I'll give you the credit, mmkay?)

  5. WOW! This is Emily, from that old blog you used to read a long time ago, For the last 2 hours I've been surfing my old blog and the friends. Incredible. It's cool to see what everyone ahs changed into now. Even me. Wow, wow, wow, if you want, I have a live journal now and my username is emilyjojojo, if you want to add me. I'm all cool-like now, no im not, just kidding. :) anyway...

  6. rohan, i absolutely love you for this. why are you so worried to escape that label? "librarian's son" doesn't actually say anything about you, other than the librarian is your father. it doesn't, as you seem to be inclined to think, mean you're exceptionally nerdy. i mean, how many librarian's sons [?] do you know? not enough to give it a bad name. you have the chance to create an awesome stereotype - think of it as your calling.

    and before this gets way too ridiculous, se fin.