Friday, 13 June 2008

What Is Your Ultimate Goal?

Yesterday at uni my lecturer asked me an interesting question: "In a world where everything goes your way, what do you want to be when you 'grow up?'"

This lecturer is one of my favourites because he takes such interest in his students and he hates to see people settle for second best. This is actually a question he asks in all his lectures every week - different students each time.

I told him that I'm studying to become an English/Media Studies teacher. He asked me if that was my most ultimate goal in life. I had to admit to myself that no, I'd never really wanted to be a teacher 'when I grew up'. It was always a career option for me. Both my parents are teachers, for example.

He asked me what my most ultimate goal was, and I avoided the question. I guess I was embarrassed. I thought I had me figured out but I didn't.

Then as I was driving in my car I remembered a video posted by Maureen Johnson where she interviewed fellow author Libba Bray. Even though neither author really writes the kind of fiction I'm into (although in writing this post I discovered Maureen's delightful blog!), I was impressed. Lookey:

I wanted to be an author! (The specifics of the epiphany are outlined in a tweet I posted)

Also in the same car ride, a remix of the Dr Who theme came on Triple J!

Teaching is still something I'm going to do. I don't think the year I will spend getting qualified will be wasted. But writing is something I'm definitely going to put more deliberate effort into.

Then I will move to New York and live in the YA Mansion.

This is going to rule.

SO! In a world where everything goes your way, what do you want to do with your life? What's really stopping you from fulfilling that dream right now?


  1. I think I would like to be a Broadway superstar!

  2. In a perfect world, I'd have my photograph taken... between Wax Hitler and Wax Mel Brooks.

  3. I haven't been reading your blog lately rohan... sowwy... and there are too many posts for me to catch up on... BUT i will be reading and commenting regularly from now on! so yea! =)

    p.s. you gotsta read and comment mine to! haha, even though i think you already read it...

    p.s. and yes, this totally is sub4sub in blog form, =D
    p.p.s please can you update my link in your blog roll? K thanks

  4. I go to a stage school and have wanted for a long time to star as Mary Poppins on West End one day, I hold myself back from things by telling myself I'm not talented, intelligent or motivated enough to do it. It's all rubbish.

    It's really just because I'm scared of failure.

  5. Aaaah nooo I'm questioning my life!!!
    I wanna get through uni, do a bit of field work for any sort of broadcasting company, and travel.
    Yep, my aspirations are totally realistic =D

  6. lol. Was it just me or did Rob just imply "Sub4sub" in blog form?