Friday, 20 June 2008

It Is Accomplished

Last day of semester today! Aaaaaaah so excited!

But you know what sucks? I finished one of my assignments with half an hour to spare (a whole half hour!) And then it wouldn't upload to the server. Sad faces all 'round. Good thing my lecturer is an understanding guy. I'll upload it later on today after I've slept. You know, seeing as it's one in the morning.

By the way, it's taken me a while to put it up, but this picture is the best ever:

Also, if you haven't added the Virtual Bookshelf application on Facebook I'm telling you to do it NAOW or else I'll book your face off:

See what I did there? I... you know... face...

Do it.


  1. you are so freaking cute! :) congrats on finishing the semester!

  2. That is indeed a wonderful picture XD
    Soooo, holidays.... video tiem y/y?

  3. Hello my youtube friend. I was here, doing abit of stalking. :)