Sunday, 15 June 2008

How To Say Hi To hayleyghoover

Talking about subscriber numbers is kind of like talking about how much money you have - people without much tend to resent it. But please, please allow me to tell you a story so self-indulgent I had sworn that I wouldn't actually ever tell it in blog form.

My excuse for posting it is I might want a record one day about what went down. Please accept it. I'm not trying to gloat or anything - I'm just stoked and want to tell someone!

In January I discovered hayleyghoover via the fiveawesomegirls channel. I enjoyed her videos so much it blew my mind into a million little pieces. Six months later I collected enough of those pieces to kick things into gear and make a fan video:

About two days after I posted it, Hayley found-slash-was notified of it and very kindly put my video on her front page:


Hayley is not a YouTube partner, so my video wasn't autoplaying in her channel and people had to manually click 'play' in order to watch it (however, it did autoplay for a day or two on chrisontv88's channel). After Hayley put it up the views skyrocketed and the new subscribers poured in like a Hayley fan club parade had just marched through my living room.

Then she went to London.

I have no idea whether she meant to leave my video up or if she forgot and just hasn't or can't change it because she's away. Either way, my video is still up there and the subscribers are still marching their way around my house. It's all a bit overwhelming really.

It's not over. As you can see from this graph, the views on that video have peaked but haven't quite settled off into a nice, comfortable tail yet either.

So thank you Hayley very much for humouring a crazy fanboy. Also great thanks go to all my new subscribers and visitors - there hasn't been a single hater amongst you.


  1. Classic stalker/stalkee dynamic.

    I like it!

  2. Haha, I sent it to her. I sent her chrisontv88's, as well.
    Congrats on all your fancy YouTube news. :D
    xxx Kayley / owlssayhooot / Wednesday on 5AG :)