Monday, 19 May 2008

Youth Announcements

I told my friends I was going to bed about 20 minutes ago but I forgot to post this and I need to post it before it's old news!

Mitto (the grey area), a few other people and I make video announcements for our church's youth group called Youth Street. We've made three so far but for some reason, the person who takes care of the Youth Street YouTube channel has uploaded our third one first, and assured Mitto and I that the earlier ones are coming later.

Anyway, for now enjoy last week's youth announcements. They've proved to be a bit of a hit!


  1. The two others have been uploaded now. The reason 3 was uploaded first was because Phil only had 3, so he had to get 1 and 2 off me before we could upload them.

    Thankfully now, I know the channel's password so I can upload stuff whenever I want. :) I'll give it to you tomorrow.