Friday, 16 May 2008


YouTube expanded the Insight feature to show your overall statistics and demographics and other nerdy things. Since then it's become super-compulsory for the vloggers-with-blogs to post what their demographics are. Here are mine, because I'm a sheep who doesn't want to get left out and not be cool anymore. Baa.

Looking at the stats from the other peeps it looks like YouTube has an overall bias to users of the female persuasion anyway, but obviously my good looks and amazing charm are attracting an extra smidgen than normal. I've got nothing on Joe though, who pulls a whopping 77%. Ahem.

It appears that most of my viewers are in their mid-teens, which can be expected I suppose - considering that people over the age of 18 obviously don't know how to use a computer. Oh, except for the people between the ages of 35 and 45 who are INEXPLICABLY MY SECOND LARGEST AUDIENCE.

Also what's with the 55 to 60 year olds? I know I've always been "such a well-mannered boy" but that's very strange. It's obviously not my Gran watching my videos over and over, she died over a year ago. Also she was eighty-one.

(NB: Innapropriate? I dunno. My aunt and uncle read this, as does my Mum. They're like, related.)

So essentially my statistics are so scattered it doesn't actually tell me anything about my viewership at all. It concerns me slightly that my 18-35 bracket is so impoverished, but who knows?! Maybe it will improve later on.

And finally, normal views normal views normal views normal views normal views normal views DOUBLE AUTOPLAY normal views norm...

Totally going to stop talking about YouTube now. Like, for real this time.

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  1. My largest age demographic is the 35-45 segment, following by the under 18's. I'm not sure what it all means... lol