Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Pokémon Normal Mastery

In my latest video I told my subscribers I'd be posting fairly regularly about how I will beat Pokémon LeafGreen using only Normal-type Pokémon. I guess I should actually keep them-slash-you updated since I told them-slash-you that I would.

At this very second my party consists of the following:
  • Razortooth (Rattata) lv 16
  • Talon (Pidgey) lv 15
  • Pointy (Spearow) lv 15
  • Lilly (Jigglypuff) lv 14
Hopefully soon I'll catch a Clefairy and call it 'Sassy'.

Right now you're probably most interested to hear how I beat Brock with only a Rattata, a Pidgey and a Spearow, so I'll briefly outline that.

I won't lie to you, it was hella-difficult. Brock has a Geodude and an Onyx, both incredibly resistant to normal and flying-type attacks (all I had available at the time, no TMs). The way to take him down is by using the status-affecting moves normal-type Pokémon tend to have early-0n.

At this stage all my Pokémon were on level 12, except Razortooth who was on level 13.

Pidgey's have sand-attack, which lowers accuracy. This is a very very useful move for this battle. I used that on both the Geodude and the Onyx to ensure they weren't actually hitting with their attacks. Spearow also has growl, a move that lowers attack. Finally Rattata gets hyperfang, your most powerful move so far, at lv 13.

You've just got to sand attack, switch to a Spearow, growl so when they DO hit they cause almost no damage, then chip away at them 1hp at a time. Onyx is actually easier to faint than Geodude because Onyx can't artificially inflate his defence with defence curl. This means you can also use Spearow's leer, a move that lowers defence, to make despatching him very easy!

Hmm... sorry. That was a bit technical. Brock is probably the only problem trainer you'll ever have to deal with if you're doing this my way. Later on you can teach TMs to Jigglypuff etc that will help defeat problem gym leaders. The later entries in here will be much shorter, and hopefully more entertaining!


  1. Haha i dno how to play pokemon so i got none of that, but well on you for being awesome enough to know xD

  2. You are also going to have a hard time heading up Ghost Tower (although by then you'll have Pidgeot/Fearow/whatever else).

    And Agatha/Bruno are also going to be interesting, depending on how rigidly you're following the Normal-only theme. No TMs?

  3. TMs and mixed-type Pokemon are fine. Just that all the Pokemon in the party have to be of Normal-type.

  4. When you're typing, you can use an actual slash, instead of typing the word "slash". Just so you know. :p