Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Pokémon Normal Mastery II

Apologies to the people who are already sick of hearing about Pokémon. Not that I've gotten any nasty emails saying "OMG yr such a pokemon nerd i hat u" - these people currently exist only in my mind.

So yes! Apologies to those imaginary people, but I felt that my last post didn't quite cover everything I wanted to cover even though it was quite long and technical, and I also got a question in the comments that I want to answer. Prepare for a snappy into to Pokémon Normal and why the hell you would want to do such a thing in the first place.

I'm actually playing using a girl avatar called Jane. You know, plain Jane... geddit?! I like to imagine Jane got into Pokémon training because she has mild dyslexia and didn't want to go to uni or something.

Her mother doesn't like her wearing the miniskirt.

Professor Oak secretly thinks her hat looks silly, but hasn't the heart to tell her.

She is actually fluent in PHP.

She has exactly 84 friends on Facebook.

Also! My friend Az made a comment asking if I'll be using TMs or if I'll be sticking really rigidly to the 'normal only' theme. The answer is, yes I'll be using TMs and also mixed-type Pokémon, although I think the only normal-mixed types in the LeafGreen/FireRed versions are normal/flying.

Part of the fun of doing the game using only one type is using Pokémon you wouldn't usually use and using more common Pokémon in different ways than usual. It means you end up with freaky-yet-somehow-usable teams consisting of oddballs with crazy moves taught via TM as a workaround for weaknesses.

For example, I have a really, really big weakness against Rock-type Pokémon. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure Snorlax can use Surf (a Water-type move) and Porygon can use Ice-Beam (an Ice-type move, duh). Normally you wouldn't teach a Snorlax how to Surf, but we're consciously doing things differently here.

Currently the team looks like this:
  • Lilly (Jigglypuff) lv15
  • Talon (Pidgey) lv16
  • Shaniqua (Clefairy) lv15
  • Razortooth (Rattata) lv16
  • Pointy (Spearow) lv15
Because I'm still at the stage of the game where your character is relatively povo, I don't have a lot in the way of money or TMs, so nobody knows any freaky moves yet.

Also thanks to Claudia who named my Clefairy!

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