Saturday, 31 May 2008

On The Word '-Slash-'

An anonymous commenter recently told me:

When you're typing, you can use an actual slash, instead of typing the word "slash". Just so you know. :p

Bollocks. Bollocks I say! Of course I can spell out that mark of punctuation. Nay! I need to! It's no less than a necessity!

I blog how I talk, or at least how I would talk if I were on YouTube or trying to impress someone or something.

In the way of the talking, saying 'them/you' would come out "them or you" or even just "them you".

Contrast this with 'them-slash-you' which would literally be pronounced "them slash you", because I sometimes say stuff like that sometimes. Also spelling out the slash just makes it look better on the page. A literal '/' is one of the most ugly-arse punctuation marks ever invented, ever.

It's all about the aesthetic of the thing. The style. Without style the world is doomed. You think the Four Horsemen are fashionable? Hell no! They're not even coordinated! Red and pale and black and whatever the other one's colour is? They need that Carson dude realquickfast.

As you can see I really, really need you to know I mean "slash" when I type '-slash-', and that when I do funny things with grammar, I'm doing it on purpose. It's a matter of international, apocalyptic importance.


  1. Wow. I had no idea it meant so much to you. =O

    I guess I have no choice but to concede defeat. D:

    I'm s-so sorry, Mr.Robofillet. ;^;

    *bursts into tears*

  2. Gah. Bloody anonymous! LEAVE ROBOFILLET ALONE!

    And leave those poor scientologists while you're at it... what did they ever do to you?!

    (Meanwhile, Rohan, you really can blog about ANYTHING. lol)

  3. Oh, I get it. Pick on the guy without an account. No, no, go ahead. I don't mind. I'm anonymous, so I must have no feelings. I can't argue with that logic. >_>

  4. Plus it's just more fun to say/write "slash". Say slash write slash. I just said that out loud to confirm it is indeed better.

    Yes. It is.

  5. Rohan, I was reading your blog and was quite disturbed to see that there was absolutly NO MENTION of me with regards to the begginings of the black duck (Well you may have but i only looked at the pictures) PLZ explain..