Monday, 26 May 2008

The Little People Make Me Who I Am

One day when I am a very-successful writer doing my writerly things like drinking coffee and throwing things in fits of artistic passion I will stop and remember you.

I will stop and I will think "oh I wonder what happened to that person who did that thing in my life back when I was just a poor uni student looking for a job?"

Then I will go and look at your Facebook profile and reminisce. Then I will poke you.

Did someone get a ninety fricking percent on his Noir about the librarian? Yes someone did! Also did that someone get a favourable review on his Writing for Performance script? YES HE DID!


Apparently I 'absolutely nailed' my characterisation. Also my script was 'very sweet and touching'. This is kind of funny to me, because when I was writing it I thought it was sappy.

So it also seems like I've got the conceitedness of a high-falutin writer down too. That's a bonus. I thought it would have taken at least one book deal for me to develop that one.

No but really. I'm just relieved. And excited. It means a lot of the pressure of uni is off now for this semester. The writing lecturers are always so snobby, and it's difficult to impress them, so it stresses me out.

Things to do:
  1. Construct a ten-page-or-so website for Writing for the Web (eek!)
  2. Get this short film idea ironed out once and for all with my group (send that email!)
  3. Write another Noir short story (1500 words), this time in third-person
  4. Revise Writing for Performance script - load on the emotion at lecturer's request
  5. Party like it's 2006


  1. Congrats on the 90! I can only dream of ever achieving that high in the future :P

  2. Another Austrailan writer?
    Wow! With the standards Matthew Reily set, Im rather excited at the prospect :P
    (his books do actually entertain me! I need to be in the right frame of mind to read them though (as in, not in my mind at all))

  3. Ooh does this mean you're a pretentious author now? lol