Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Jane's Army

Every time I need to go somewhere and I'm a bit early (it happens more often than you might think) I whip out my DS and play Pokémon for a bit. I've actually gotten really far in the few days since I last posted. Here's the team so far:

  • Shaniqua (Clefairy) lv. 31
  • Lilly (Jigglypuff) lv. 30
  • Talon (Pidgeotto) lv. 28
  • Charlie (Snorlax) lv. 30
  • Razor (Raticate) lv. 27
  • BenRobot (Porygon) lv. 31

Shaniqua has proven to be a very versatile Pokémon so far with her higher-than-average Special Attack stat. I've taught her Water Pulse to scare away the Rock Pokémon and Shock Wave to quickly dispatch the Flying and Water-types. Water Pulse was the most urgent though because the mountain paths you have to trek through are riddled with hikers who sport entire teams of geodudes. Ugh.

Also I only just picked up Charlie the Snorlax this afternoon. He's got a pretty standard set of moves considering he hasn't leveled up yet. He will though, in time.

I picked up BenRobot (will my obsession with that guy ever end?) from the gaming corner for a handy 6, 500 coins (he's cheaper in LeafGreen than in Blue!) He knows Psybeam which has been great. Lately I've been up against a lot of Poison-types. He'll come in very handy when it comes to beating Erika.

And that's about it so far!


  1. It is so easy to be obsessed with BenRobot. haha. I think I am too.

  2. my gosh! You're into pokemon again!! ...and I thought it was only me. I was playing gold in the NT on my mum's laptop and then decided it wouldn't be wise to copy it onto our home computer.
    I actually came to leave not so much a comment but a request "slash" suggestion. Why don't you add an amnesty uncensor badge to your blog.? It's supposed to raise awareness about ending net censorship in china. I conveniently put the address below for you.