Thursday, 1 May 2008

Honours, Subscribers and Songs

When all else fails, talk about YouTube.

That's become the eerily repetitive motto of my life in all things - blogs, daydreams, everyday conversation...

I think the internet has broked me.

So anyway, lets wax lyrical about my burgeoning success on that everloved video site. I talked about honours before, and how I suddenly got some. Well today I overtook a guy who I don't know who goes by the name "sirguyofsebastian". He looks like a decent enough fellow by all accounts, but now he has been (temporarily?) overtaken.

I'm gloating while I can.

In other squeal-worthy news two partners (HalfScottishGuy and Walllofweird) have put my video The UK Hates Me on their autoplay. As a result it is on track to get over 1000 views. Somehow I think this is Rob's evil plan to make me apply for partnership myself. He and Katrina are clearly in cahoots.

Of course, by telling you about this I obviously want you to click on their names in the paragraph above. It'll get the video two extra views if you do. Oh yes and they are both very awesome people (made of the stuff in fact), so there's the side effect that by checking them out their awesomeness may just rub off on you.

You can then share that awesome with the world at large you see. Nerdfighter channel visitation is incredibly philanthropic.

And speaking of Nerdfighters, the lovely Lauren (devilishlypure) has written a song I enjoy singing out loud when my parents aren't home, and sometimes even when they are.

Here is that song:

EDIT 2/May/08: Well now The UK Hates Me has (so far) 2339 views making it my second most watched video of all time. Also I'm the 8th most viewed Australian comedian today (so far). I realise not everyone who racked me up a view actually sat and watched the whole thing, but I still heart Rob and Katrina.

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  1. "...Popular, Autoplaywillmakeyou Popu-u-laaarrr!"
    If you have no idea where that is a spoof from, I apologise and suggest you carry on living your life.
    Just know that if I had autoplay, you'd... ahhh, you know. =P