Sunday, 11 May 2008


Watch as I deftly discuss this new issue with wit and candour! Ooh and aah over the parry and trust of my words! Be amazed at how I don't ramble even a little bit!

Long story short - Riverbasil and John Lacey (JohnOfJordan) wrote on the topic of friendship over the internet. I wrote a response to it, but it was boring and awkward so I didn't post it. Now I'll try and talk intelligently using only half the words!

I use the terms 'online' and 'offline' when referring to friends. The line gets blurry around the grey area that is Mitto, because I met him online but now go to his church and see him multiple times a week.

Why do I make the distinction? Well it's not because 'online' friends are anyhow less important or less real (in fact, I try not to use the phrase "in real life" for that very reason). It's because I do it for different groups of offline friends as well. I have my 'school friends' and my 'church friends' and my 'Darwin friends' and I also have my 'online friends'.

These are more-or-less distinct groups of people which I call by these collective names. I guess the impression people get from those names is up to them. There's not much I can do about it, and it's another issue altogether.

Nick! We should chat more! Do you have Skype? Of course you do. Add me and we'll have a good old yarn. With my microphone, even.

John! Don't be shy. I haven't spoken to you in too long because that rascal Rob has been taking up all my time. Don't let him do it! =P


  1. I kind of sit here wondering what the other half of the words (the ones you cut out) said.

    The point you make is an interesting one. There was a time when I guess my social circles were more segmented. (Let's call it "high school." lol) There were lots of little recognisable cliques. It amuses me sometimes how some people are deeply offended by demographics when on some level we all do it. (Maybe I did pay attention in sociology class after all.)

  2. I love how I am the grey area. Puts emphasis on my uncertainty in everything. xD

  3. It's strange how the online and offline merge. Even in the news they're this guy in court and his pic was in the Heral Sun, and I'm thinking I know him, not personally, but only via his video’s (some even featured on au tube) and was a little strange seeing him in the paper for something totally different. I’m now rambling gotta get back to moving works wheel.