Friday, 4 April 2008

The YouTube Year

A year ago today, I posted two videos of myself on YouTube. They were pretty awful to be honest.

I activated my account on the 27 September 2006 to park the URL, but I didn't start posting videos until I bought my digital camera. Thus explaining the gap in time between when I joined and when "my anniversary" is.

However, to celebrate the momentous occasion that is my 12 months of sticking around a website like a bad smell, I will re-post my first ever two videos for your general amusement. No wonder my first 100 subscribers were the hardest to acquire. Better not make a lot of fun though, I might not have improved very much!

Who would have known what a ride posting those videos would take me on? Now, 74 videos (not including the ones I took down for copyright infringement) and 502 subscribers later I'm a part of the community and loving it.

So. Goals for the next 12 months? Is that the thing people do? Well I'm doing it. So there.
  1. Get another 500 subscribers. Surely this can be replicated. Assuming there isn't a YouTube Armageddon or anything.
  2. Make and post some proper short films and not just vlogs.
  3. Do at least 1 video collaboration a month. Just because I enjoy the process.
  4. Make some kick-arse new YouTube friends to add to the kick-arse ones I already have. On a site like this, you don't want to stop connecting.
I'm not posting goals of getting partnered or getting featured. Those things are utterly outside my control, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure I want them. I mean, I guess I want them, but I don't want all the crappy things associated with them. Except the banner. Banners are not crappy. Unless you make them crappy of course. But mine would not be. It would be glamourous.


  1. I have been avoiding my youtube duty.
    Mainly because i found out that my ex mother in law was watching the vids. *shudder*

  2. I must be a bad youtuber then... I resolved not to watch anything except my subscription list. lol

  3. The first video is great. It's so rebellious. Congrats on a year.

  4. i have already seen them both, i didn't realize you had removed them.

    congrats on 1 year!!!

  5. I hadn't removed them. They're still there. It's just that most people haven't seen them because normally people don't go back and watch someone's entire back catalogue.

  6. You're doing pretty well for a 1 year Youtuber.

    I've been on YT for almost 2 and a half years and have only 71 subscribers.
    But hey, I have fun making videos and I guess that's the most important thing. =]