Saturday, 19 April 2008

You're Being Watched

Okay, so the day after I told one of my friends that I would never track the hits on this blog I've caved into my own curiosity. Now you'll notice a little counter sitting innocently underneath the little RSS icons in my menu bar. Sitting innocently watching everything you do.

Don't worry, Big Brother loves you. Love him back.

Obviously I am growing a little bit too obsessed with stats and hits and honours lately. Also now I have to be careful how often I check my own blog so I don't artificially inflate the hits with my own IP address.

ED 20/Apr/08: Thanks Josh! Now I won't be spamming my own page!


  1. Actually...with the W3 counters, I think you can set it so that it doesn't count when you visit your own site from your computer.
    On the W3Counter website, it's under My Account > Filter.