Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Bit obsessed with Twitter. It's like blogging on speed and I can't get enough of it.

I did, however, come across two rather different perspectives on the whole Twitter deal. Both are quite positive about it, but their conclusions couldn't be more different.

This one is more a corporate, promotional-type video, which suggests Twitter is the closest you can get to "real life" online. It gives the impression that if people post (or 'tweet' as the Twitter slang goes) about their everyday activities, you are getting a better idea of who that person actually is.

This one is made by a user of Twitter who I'm quite a fan of (Hank, one half of Brotherhood2.0) He suggests that Twitter is no different to any other self-publishing website in that people only post what they want to post, making a version of themselves they are happy with sharing with people. It brings you no closer to learning actually who these people are.

I'm more inclined to agree with Hank - seeing as the people I follow don't exactly follow the "what are you doing?" question when they tweet. And they most certainly don't "tweet their poops". In my mind it's a continuation of the digital personalities I've come to love on other sites. Perhaps if more people I know in real life had Twitter my opinion would be different.

Does anyone have a group of IRL friends who have Twitter? What are your thoughts on sites like Twitter and do you think they allow people to get a closer idea of who people really are?

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  1. What a cool little papery video! lol. I like twitter. I only know one person in real life who has one, but I don't think she knows I have one, and I probably won't add her because she'll have no idea what I'm talking about with all the youtube talk and @peoples. haha. But tons of my friends are facebook obsessed and the status updates are pretty much the same kind of thing.

  2. Soon we'll be able to plug directly into each other's heads. Like borg. Oh yes. I resorted to comparing things with Star Trek characters... Oh man. I need to shower and go for a walk.