Thursday, 17 April 2008


They tell you to write from your own experience. They also say conflict is the key to a good story. I'm happy with my life. I'm really, really glad for how crusey it's been. My parents have never divorced, I've never had a sibling die, I've never been in a war. Nothing like that. I've had friends who that stuff has happened to - but I can't write about that kind of stuff and pretend like I know what I'm writing about.

I have to find what is unique about my life. I broadcast most of my stories on the internet - and I get a small audience. Surely there is something interesting about me that I can share?

I have been a youngest child. Youngest by a long way - my closest sibling is 9 years older than me. In actual fact, one of my pastors at my church is younger than both my sisters! Maybe I could write a good story about that? I have to come up with a good event - a catalyst - that can accurately portray the whole dynamic of that relationship. That's not an easy task. Hmm.

P.s. Do you like the uni icon? I took a photo of the side of a bus that was on its way to my uni. The destination is shown on both the front and the side of most of the buses here.

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