Monday, 14 April 2008

My Weekend

The more astute readers of my Twitter might already know that I spent last weekend away in the Bunya Mountains for my Mum's 60th birthday. My brother came up from Canberra and my sister come over from whatever town west of woop-woop she's working in at the moment for Queensland Health. Also her husband came with me from Brisbane and my uncle, aunt and one of my cousins was there. Also Mum and Dad, but that really goes without saying (doesn't it?)

The house we stayed in was so weird! It was all done up in "colonial" style. It had so many dust-collectors I couldn't describe them all. There was, however, a particularly alluring lamp which we all made fun of. It was all tassels and fringes and over-decorative legs.

In my family, when we all get together for things like this, we like to play Boules. We had a pretty good game of Boules on Saturday - even though we were playing on the side of a hill. It was kind of like obstacle-Boules really. My brother, Joel, won the game with first to five even though he missed a few rounds because someone called him on the phone.

Incidentally, phone coverage up there was really patchy. One minute it would be five bars, then take a step and it would be zero. Rural Australia is NOT technology friendly.

There were a million wallabies out on the backyard and so we had to be careful not to throw our heavy metal boules at them by accident. Mostly they just lazily watched us play while they sat in the shade some way off.

One night all 'us young ones' decided that if we were to ever start a band we would be called the Freshly Stoned Raisins after this sign.

Also we did a bit of bush walking during the weekend, but I only remembered to bring my camera on one trip.

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  1. If Boules is what I think it is, we play that quite often as well. And the more difficult, the better...there's no boules game like an extreme boules game.