Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Well getting that counter had it's expected (but not necessarily desired) effect. Now every time I log into my counter site profile thing I get confronted with a little graph:

It spikes when I post, flooding my brain with happy endorphins. "People value me!" my brain says "I'm so happy!" Then the next day the graph slumps and my brain starts wingeing and complaining wanting its next fix.

According to Wikipedia endorphins are the things that people produce when they undergo strenuous exercise or have sex. Besides nourishment it appears my entire life's needs can be filled by my blog's ability to supply me with endorphins.

I hypothesise the entire creative sector of the universe runs on this endorphin cycle. You think Shakespeare just wanted to get paid? Or that he was a literary genius just because he could? No way man, he did it for kicks. Kicks only.

So today, when I was confronted with the downward graph upon logging into my counter, I didn't have anything to write about. My brain was all "I can't be creative without the endorphins, man!" and I was all "You've got to be creative to get the endorphins!" and my brain was all "No way man! Gimmie my endorphins first - then I'll get my creative going!"

My brain sucks that way a lot of the time. Then I wrote about endorphins. Y-you're glad I did - aren't you? Please tell me you were! I need my next fix!


  1. I used to be like that when I'd get the Tubemogul reports. I would get like 80+ views on a video in a given day and it could still be down 125% [on the previous days' views] or something... and that was the only figure I would look at.

    It was ridiculous. I mean where else would 80 people demonstrate an interest in something I did, and that would be a bad thing? lol

    But it is addictive. For a while I was posting two videos a day. I was addicted to getting the email notifications to say I had comments.

    YouTube makes JOJ one crazy mofo.

  2. I don't read those things, they'd kill me inside...

    Endorphines ftw :P

  3. I'm all about endorphins. They're what make killing myself at the gym worthwhile.