Friday, 18 April 2008


Slightly amused today when this appeared on my channel. Apparently they do honours for the YouTube local sites now.
I'm a wee bit afraid that my honours are actually more impressive than I am. The only reason why I got the shiny badge is because I happened to change my channel type to 'Comedian' back in October or November or whenever it was. If I'd stuck with 'Director' I'd have no honours at all!

Here's to getting pushed off the Aussie honours list by disgruntled Aussie directors with more subscribers than me who change to comedians so they can get on the list.

All the same, thanks YouTube.


  1. yea i noticed on my page i was 60th most subbed director of all time, that gave me a bit of a buzz, i have considered changing to comedian, i believe it fits me more than director does because i hardly direct videos... and it would also be something to rub in the face of those at school who make fun of me, "10th must subscribed Australian comedian" but currently the only thing keeping me as a director is the fact that it seems i can post vids over 10 mins... and if i change and then change back i would lose that...

  2. This is where I live vicariously by saying, "I totally discovered him."