Tuesday, 8 April 2008



Normally I wouldn't comment on something like this, but being an known Christian on YouTube I'm going to get asked about this anyway, so I may as well clear up everything here now.

On the 8th of April, Andrew (aka AngryAussie) posted a video entitled Creationists - STFU!

Although I tend to lean toward Creationism over Evolutionism (with some caveats - it's a little too complicated to explain here), I'm not exactly what you'd call passionate about this issue. Some people feel led to become apologists for creation, but I am not one of them. If I had to sum up my feelings about the whole thing in one word I suppose it would be ambivalent. However, reading the comments to the video left me feeling very 'under threat' if you'll allow the whole predator/prey analogy. I feel this way mostly because the comments left by Angry and other users were very threatening.

Essentially, being told by a guy that you like (because Andrew, despite appearances is a very nice guy) that you are an utter moron who is completely indoctrinated and unquestioning because you don't see eye to eye over one issue is not nice. His qualification diverting anger from people who believe in God was appreciated, but as a whole I find the idea that I'm just a mindless drone insulting to my intelligence and to everyone else I know from the church who believes this.

Essentially the problem I have with the video is not that someone has gone out and said something I don't agree with. I am not a evolutionary scientist, nor am I a creation scientist. The last time I really did any research into this issue was over five years ago. To be honest I gave up because of videos like this. The haughtiness that typifies these kind of debates is utterly blatant on both sides. Each believes the other is a, to quote one comment, "fucking moron" and neither is going to listen. Each is being so defensive on each side there is no real science going on anywhere - just yelling and insulting.

Perhaps if evolutionists listened to some of the creationists' concerns with their theory we'd end up with a more robust theory. I think there are often valid criticisms that get overlooked which should really be investigated further than "you are a creationist and therefore a pseudo-scientist; therefore you and your opinion do not matter."

Same deal with the creationists listening to the evolutionists sometimes, only with the added bonus of not making Christians seem like dickheads.

You know, I'm just saying.


  1. I unsubscribed from AngryAussie a while ago after a "heated discussion."

    But to be honest I think this is kind of a silly argument... because creationists will believe what they believe, evolutionists will believe what they believe. Its like the Atheists vs. Christians... people get so involved with it, and nobody is going to convert the other to their belief system. It is a waste of energy in my humble opinion.

    It would be really awesome if we could all find a way to be grown up enough to just (politely) agree to disagree and get on with life. Seriously.

    I can't begin to know AA's motivations... but he seems a really antagonistic on every subject he tackles. Oh, but it's OKAY... because he's wearing a mask. It's a character. WTF?

  2. Wow... I definitely agree with the whole feeling of being 'under threat'.

    To me, it really sounds like what he is saying is kind of contradicting. He is saying that creationists should keep quiet because they don't have enough evidence behind their argument but yet he is trying to force his opinion on everyone else. I don't know, somehow it made sense in my mind but now it doesn't lol.

    Somehow, I don't think we as Christians are ever going to always 'know everything'... so trying to talk to someone about Christianity should not be about knowledge but rather love and compassion? But in saying that, knowledge is also good... just not by itself.

  3. i compleatley agree with john of jordan. but to argue, lol, people should look at this arguement from a non-bias point of view. and angryaussie is real...passionate in what he believes. and thats ok. to agree again with john none of us are ready to convert from what we believe any time soon, but can't we at least be kind to each other about it!

    -p.s. that was my rant for the day!! i'm tired

  4. I am not convinced that AngryAussie was having a dig at Creationists alone, or what they believe; but rather just a stab at people he doesn't agree with.

    It is not that he really tried to pull apart any of the beliefs behind Creationists, he instead mocks... Probably because he doesn't know enough either side of the argument to put up a case.

    I am not saying that it should come down to an argument of who is right or wrong, but you couldn't really take on this discussion without picking on someones (religous) beliefs of a whole.

    And from the little I know of AngryAussie, it seems that he doesn't have any religous beliefs, or time for what anyone has to say, other than himself.