Thursday, 17 April 2008

Australian Partners

Well we all knew it was coming when Frezned, babyporridge and AngryAussie were mysteriously partnered last month - Australians (and the Irish and the Japanese) can now apply to make money off their videos.

There are a couple of people who I think will go for it and get it. Riverbasil in particular, but also HalfScottishGuy, Chrisontv88, englishteaboy and Heidiscope. This means a hell of a lot more autoplay in my subscription list, which is kind of annoying, but it's ok.

Oh wait, do you have to be over 18 to be a partner? In that case HalfScottishGuy is out for a few months (a year?) until he finally hits that magical number.

So I guess what you want to know is - am I going to apply?


How come? Well let's have a look at the acceptance criteria:
  • I DO create original videos suitable for online streaming
  • I DO own the copyrights and distribution rights for all video and audio currently on my channel (at least I'm almost 100% sure - I may have to do a double-check)
  • I DON'T upload videos that are regularly viewed by thousands.
Currently I only get about 400-500 views on most of my videos. In fact, out of the 74 videos I've currently got on my channel, only 10 of them have breached 1000 views and only one (nearly two) of them has gotten past 2000. From what I hear, the money is awarded based on views counted by the thousands. The vast majority of my videos stand to make no money at all.

The cold, hard fact is that I'm just not that popular on YouTube - and that's fine. A banner would be lovely (it's actually what I want most from the partnership program) but I'm not going to apply when I know I'll get rejected on the grounds my audience isn't big enough.
Later on, if I do start getting a few thousand views I'll reconsider the whole partnership thing. So long as I don't plateau then it's likely because my audience is still growing right now. It's just a matter of being patient until it's worth doing.

But for all the rest of you - good luck! I hope you're all successful in your applications. Particularly those I listed above ^_^

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  1. how did i miss this post at the time?!?!

    too oung. hehe. i showed them, =P

    I'm not so sure yo would get rejected but anyway.