Sunday, 2 March 2008

Parents Say The Darndest Things

Attention: This post was originally written on the 23/Feb/08. I know I said (or, 'I know I will say?') that I was being rebellious but I chickened out just before I hit the 'Publish Post' button. She did entrust the house to me after all, so instead I saved it and this can function as a "this is what happened" blog, even though I'm talking about it in the future tense. I am a good boy! Go me!

Fully aware that my Aunt is going to tell my Mum about this post next time they see each other down at the shops - I'm going to go ahead and in a fit of rebelliousness tell you what my Mum just said to me before going to bed.

She says in the most serious of tones:

"Rohan, make sure you don't make a video that you are having friends over for your birthday"

Well that isn't exactly what she said. What she actually said also included the date said friends where coming to my house. But when she said that to me I exclaimed with an indignant, "MUM!!!" (with the three exclamation marks) "How stupid do you think I am?" She replied with something noncommittal and then said something about not putting it on my website either.

So, in keeping with the letter and not the spirit of her request, I am not announcing the date or time that I am having four friends over for drinks and Guitar Hero. Don't even try to guess you'll only get it wrong. Even if you were to get it right there would not be enough snacks for you so don't even bother. (Hint: It was last Friday night).

I will never end up being the next Cory what's-his-face! My celebrations are covered in obscurity! Not that the sort of people who would turn up to a Cory-gig would think of my thing as a party anyway.

It's really nothing. I'm just turning 20 after all.

P.S: Thanks for the present, Maz but I'm not opening it until my actual birthday! <3

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