Sunday, 9 March 2008

Neobabbage Week 1

Neobabbage. Babbage. Babbage. Babb-age. It's just one of those words you know? I could say 'babbage' all day and still be all "Hey dude have you babbage?" It's like with the Nerdfighters when they say something like "When I was a child I was really BEST WISHES!"

I love telling jokes other people don't get! I don't even say 'dude' in real life!

Last night - technically this morning - I said to myself "Let's do some of that uni homework that you have been procrastinating about." I said this at about 12:20 AM so I decided that I would just work for an hour and finish it off later on. Unfortunately at 1:20 AM my obsessive impulse kicked in and I said to myself "NO! NO WE MUST FINISH OFF THIS UNI WORK! WE MUST FINISH EVERYTHING FOREVER!" so I stayed up until something like 3:00.

It's my own silly fault for writing too much about each website. Also I had to ferret out the last one and re-explore it because I hadn't actually visited it in about six months. Six months in internet years is about 5 years by the way; just in case you didn't know.

Also I felt bad because I was writing in my casual blog style (I have a reputation to uphold!) and telling all the silly jokes about Boudica and ugly Blogger templates took up words that really should have been talking about things in academic terms. I don't think my lecturer will mind - he just really wants me to get my message across. I chose a way of telling that message and it takes up more words than the concise, academic style which I'm thinking everyone else will use. But if I still get my message across then does it really matter? In this case, it probably doesn't; but I'm sure he'll tell me if it does.

The moral of the story is that even though it doesn't have any pictures and it is quite long, have a look at my blog entry over at Neobabbage. I just want to make sure someone other than my lecturer has had a read of it because it took me so long to write it.

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