Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mr Narrow Followed Me Home From Easterfest

Easterfest was such a blast. I even tanned. I never thought it was possible either, but my arms and neck beg to differ. I'll use my Twitter posts as reminders for me, so I might do this festival justice.

Got my camping spot fine. Can't wait for tomorrow!
I rocked up with Anna and we set up our tents. People arrived steadily throughout Thursday until the campsite was basically full. Thursday was pretty boring really because there was nothing on. We were going to go to a movie, but then we didn't. Instead we hung around and talked to other people in the campsite. I played a card game called Warlords and Scumbags with these people from another church, and I was the scumbag the first round, then worked my way up to middle class on the second before bowing out. Everyone went to bed relatively early so they would be fresh for Friday.

All the volunteers here appear to have American accents. What's up with that? Got orange shirt for Fancy Pants.
There was a Lifeline op-shop at the festival, so I got me a see-through shirt to add to my Fancy Pants outfit. I also found out that many of the volunteers were from YWAM Brisbane, which is why many of them were American.

Just found out Audio Adrenaline is reforming for one performance only Easterfest 09!
After they announced this from the main stage, I nearly fell over with amazement. I never thought I would ever see Audio A live, ever. I must, at all costs, go to Easterfest 09 and see one of the first rock bands I grew up listening to as a child. If they don't play Some Kind of Zombie next year I will cry. I really will.

OMG! I just saw an old lady in the tent watching MXPX! I'm so proud of her!
After listening to The Lads and all the jumping around that entails, I had no more oomph left for MxPx. So while I was checking out the punk-loving old bitties I sat and watched MxPx while drinking a strawberry milkshake. I'm so hardcore.
The Newsboys. Never, ever had a show like that before. Ever!
I spent Saturday running around after some of the bands I missed out on seeing on Friday, including Darwin girl, Janna Mercedes. I also watched Modern Joy again (I discovered them on Friday morning) and danced like a mad thing to their cover of You Spin me Round (Like a Record).

Pretty soon it was time for the Australian night at the main stage though. We had Alabaster Box and the Newsboys. It was the best night ever! I was just a few people away from the runway they had coming off the stage for the Newsboys. The lead singer, Peter Furler did a big drum battle with the band's drummer. It was amazing. The most epic show I've seen! Then I ran over to see Antiskeptic, a punk-rock band from Melbourne. That show was off the hook! Apparently they are breaking up in September of this year. I'll have to get their final album to send them off.

Festival is over now. Had the best time!
Sunday was taken up (mostly) with going to church services. I caught NewWorldSon (a Canadian jazz band) during the day though. During this festival I've uncovered a love of Jazz music I never really knew I had. While listening to them during the week I decided that if you don't spontaneously start dancing then all is lost - you don't have a soul.

In the evening I went to the combined churches of Toowoomba service which had 10 000+ people and saw Jars of Clay. I was a little bit disappointed in their live show. Not much energy or interaction with the audience. Plus, how could they ever compete with the madness of the Newsboys? Still, it went off when they played Dead Man (Carry Me). Then I got dressed up in my fancy pants stuff and went to the Fancy Pants Ball hosted by Scat, a Brisbane-based jazz band.

The Chai Tent
Besides the Newsboys concert, the best thing about the festival was the YWAM Chai Tent, which had accoustic music all day. On one side YWAM Brisbane was selling chai tea and people would sit around on the floor of the tent listening or chatting or even falling asleep! It was also a really good place to get out of the sun.

I'll have a short video about the festival coming soon, but I'm waiting on permission to use the song Mr Narrow by Modern Joy. Mr Narrow followed me home and won't leave my CD player alone. Also he won't let me go out in the freezing snow, oh oh oh hey. He won't let me, won't let me go.

Ooooo yeah.


  1. See through shirt... Emperor's New Clothes? lol

  2. Kinda creeping your old posts because I can't sleep. Hope that's not too weird.

    I had to comment on this one because I was also at that festival. Oh my word I remember that Newsboys show. My friends and I were right up the front of the mosh pit but only lasted a few songs because he were getting trampled. It was so good.

    I think I'm somewhere behind the camera in that mxpx shot. Probably lying down almost dead because my poor 15 year old self couldn't cope with being up that late in a tent full of loud music. Pretty sure my guy friends dragged me and my girl friends along to that show.

    Ah! Still can't wait until next year!!