Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Long Haul - Skins Soundtrack

In my family, birthdays go for days. Days and days. The presents trickle in little by little. The Fillet-fest has only just begun for me, considering my actual birthday isn't until Wednesday.

However, last night Ellen gave me a gift-voucher for JB Hi-Fi; a music/games/DVDs/sound system megastore. I always go into JB and look at the things there to buy and then realise I sadly have no money, so I leave a little bit mad at myself for having gone there in the first place. This time though, I was able to buy me some of that music I've been wanting for this whole time.

I was tossing up between the soundtrack of Juno and the Skins soundtrack. In the end I picked Skins because I knew that I would definitely buy Juno music even if I didn't pick it up today. Plus if I had bought Juno I would have had one dollar left on the gift voucher. You know what a pain those orphan-dollars are on gift cards. So Skins it was.

It's a pretty awesome compilation. I can see it being the soundtrack to some future 00's party where everyone dresses up as emos, ravers and geeks. Actually I've already shotgunned that one for my 21st party, even though it'll only be 2009 so the era we are parodying hasn't officially ended yet. To be honest though, these last ten years or so have been a second 80's and everybody knows it, it's just that we don't like to admit we all still hum the riff in Ice, Ice Baby.

The main reason I got the album was because of the Skins theme tune, which is even more awesome played start to finish than it is at the start of the show. It's full of syncopated banjo twanging and synthesiser schoobling. There are bells and triangles and all sorts. It's the sort of music you could listen to on a train and you would find your life has just turned into one immersive music video.

The rest is a mix of semi-trance music and post-modern I'm-not-punk-because-punk-got-commercial punk. Sometimes it's a bit assaulting on the ears but it doesn't leave you stressed out because it's got its slow songs too.

Essentially, thanks for the pressie Ellen.


    I got a voucher for JB the other day, It was awefull because the shop has everything and there was just too much stuff to choose from, in the end i bought LOST season 1 box set. there were probably things i would have liked more, but i love lost and i would have bought the box set sooner or later.


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