Monday, 3 March 2008


Hey did you see my collaboration video with HalfScottishGuy and killert00thbrush? Even though I was actually making fun of people who do collaborations just to get subscribers, I got something like 30 subscribers on top of my goal number of 366 (at the time of writing, I currently have 390 subs).

I wrote it, Rob edited it, Leuke cameoed in it. Good times.

This video appeared on Rob's channel at about midnight last night/this morning. I love doing collaboration videos because they are so much fun! I'm also trying to think of a good idea to do a collaboration with Liam (littleradge). We decided we would do one ages ago but neither of us has had an idea for one.

I've also got an idea for a MEGACOLLABORATION but haven't got the script nice and ironed out yet. I also need to talk to some people to see if they can do what I have in mind. If it works out it's going to be sweet, sweet sweetness.


  1. um... EXCUSE ME?! WHO WROTE IT?! i think you will fidn that you came up ith the idea, but i scripted the final video, tryin ta steal the credit are ya! hehe


  2. Calm down, you did some rescripting from the original I sent you, but I didn't mention it for the sake of being concise.

  3. I was a good watch that one. Whomever wrote it.