Thursday, 13 March 2008

Internet Speeds

One day about five years from now I will look back at my current internet connection problems and laugh. "What simple times I lived in" I will say. "To think that I had to wait fifteen minutes for a two minute video to load on YouTube."

Let's just hope the connection I have now is fast enough that I don't get left behind by all the people who have normal connections. Either that or Telstra could just pull their finger out and provide proper service to my damn area.

I just uploaded a 19 second video to YouTube because people thought I had stopped making videos. No, I have been making videos, but because they are over X number of megabytes big I haven't been able to upload them. I have to upload a video at a friend's house tonight because it's 60MB.

Is this 2008 or what? I want the future back.


  1. I am not really sure what your set up is, but obviously something isn't kosher. Are you on dial up? Or are you on BigPond ADSL/Cable? (Telstra suck. It amused me recently that a telecommunications company used the platform "Use us and you'll never have to talk to Telstra again" as their point of difference in advertising materials. So true, though! lol)

    If the telephone exchange needs to be upgraded to support faster speed internet then it will require demonstrated interest from a number of people in your area... but it is probably worth the effort. Again, enlist forces with companies that AREN'T Telstra. lol. They know how things really work.

  2. I should go back to youtube one day.

    (See how I made your post all about me? neat, huh?)