Saturday, 15 March 2008

Hair: The Blog

I felt really unglamourous today. My cousin came over and my hair was all messy all over the place and it would not be tamed. I'm sure it looked better when I grew it in Darwin. Maybe the people are just more unattractive there and I just looked hotter in comparison.

Oh Darwin readers, I'm only joking. Calm down.

I keep telling myself I'm looking so scruffy so that I'll have a woolly winter style when it comes time for winter. Only thing is I just saw a video on YouTube that made me rethink the whole long hair thing:

The music gives me braingasms, yes, and I also nearly fell in love with the nymph girl when she crawled out of the piano near the end, but The Rocket Summer's hair is not what I had in mind.

Perhaps this is the sort of thing I was thinking of?

No. Not a cactus. Watch the video. Gosh.

OH WAIT! I did not just compare myself to charlieissocoollike!


It looks like there's years of effort (or neglect?) gone into his hair anyway. We don't even look alike so would his hair really work on my head? I'm not super into the long hair look. I'll get rid of it once summer rolls around again.

I know the next time I walk into a hairdresser I'm going to end up in the chair. The girl is going to flit around fiddling with her scissors and flicking that blue water off her combs all the while asking me difficult questions; the most difficult of which will be WHAT DID YOU HAVE IN MIND?

I would bring in pictures to give her the general idea, but I'm afraid she'll think that I subconsciously want to be the person in the photo. Inevitably that person will be some kind of male model or something with a face that says... well you know that face that they do. Hairdressers intimidate me enough as it is. I don't need her thinking that I secretly want to be the face of Calvin Klein.


  1. Go with a fro. The kind that you pan put a pick in.

    Ooooh yeaaah...

  2. That last bit pretty much summed up exactly how I felt about getting my haircut. Always awkward, and how easy it would be to just point a picture and say "do this", but it really isn't that easy. I eventually found my hair niche.
    "2 on the sides and back, 5 on top, blend it together." (are clipper settings the same internationally?) It's simple, easy, and as close as I can comfortably bring myself to shaving my head.

  3. I have such a little ritual when I get my hair cut. I go in, they ask what I want, I say, "I don't know, maybe something different." And they give me the same haircut I always get... lol.