Friday, 7 March 2008

Go Canada!

Today I started a love affair with Canada. It's really cool you know because Canada can speak French when Canada wants to be sexy, but when Canada just wants to talk to me about the shopping or whatever Canada can just talk to me in English.

If an Australian ever gets caught in a country with no Australian embassy then that Australian can just rock up to the Canadian one and be like "Hey! Our countries have a special agreement! Can you be my embassy for me real quick?" and the Canadian person behind the counter will be all "Yeah no problem, I'm gonna contact your government for you mmkay?"

And to think both of those pop-culture references are from American cultural sources.

My youth group has a Team Canada. I'm all yeah! Team Canada!

I like to yell "GO CANADA!" when we play games. It is funny because I am obviously not Canadian but there is a guy who is Canadian. You see, it's funny because you would think that he would be the one getting excited about Canada, but instead it is me who is the one who is getting excited.

Tonight I got 1000 points for team Canada because I popped the right balloon and it had a bit of paper in it which had this guy's signature on it. I feel like I am a valuable member of Team Canada.

I am like dude! This totally doesn't fit into any of my categories! Boo hiss. Ah well I'll just stick it in with the Religion. I did mention church after all.

(Edit 10/Nov/08 - Okay so I finally tagged this as "Utter Nonsense" after creating the tag months ago. Kinda kills the joke eh?)

(PS: Ohohohoho! You see that?! You see what I just did there in the edit?! You... I... oh never mind.)


  1. YAY for Canada! I'm from Vancouver, BC :D Woohoo

  2. Um... right. Rohan are you feeling okay?! lol