Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easterfest Updates

Tomorrow morning I'm running off to Easterfest so I can claim the most bestest camping spot in the whole wide Toowoomba. Today I had some things to do to tie up some loose ends (I've still got to do some washing) and one of those things was going op-shopping! Last time I mentioned the Fancy-Pants Ball, and as of today I still hadn't bought anything to wear. Now I'm all set though. Lookey:


I'm actually afraid I look too nice in these clothes. Fancy-Pants is all about looking as garish as possible. I found some earth-shattering old man's pants at one of the op-shops I went to, but they were too short in the leg and WAY too wide at the waist. They were tartan pants and everything. I was très disappointed.

You can't see it in the picture very well, but the pants are pinstripe and the jacket is actually a dinner jacket. The hat is one that I bought over a year ago but never wear because it has two buckles that sit on my ears and make them uncomfortable. The t-shirt is the one I got for my birthday, so not strictly op-shop. I might be able to pick up something else in an op-shop in Toowoomba, but for now at least I have something to go in.

The whole outfit cost me $11 - $6 for the pants and $5 for the jacket. The op-shop selling the pants was an expensive one. Their jackets were $20+!

Because I'll be living in a tent for the next three or four days I've decided that I'm going to post updates via my mobile phone to Twitter. If you want to see what antics I've been getting up to for Easterfest then you can either come back here and look at my Twitter bar on the side (shows the last 5 updates) or follow me on Twitter itself (just click the 'follow' button underneath my picture). I won't be posting heaps and heaps because it's a bit expensive, but I'll do one or two a day just so you know what you are missing out on.


  1. Hahah, "In the whole of Toowoomba."

    Such build up, and then... Toowoomba.

    It's going to be cold out there. It is pretty though so... Either way it sounds like you're going to have an awesome time.


  2. Looks cool, and you look pretty spiffy. Have a great time! (ps this is jedimaster86, a sub of yours from YT. I guess I was just stalking blogs...creepy me, but came across yours so whee)

  3. Smashing! I also enjoyed the couch fabric.