Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Chick Lit FTW!

I forgot to tell you how I was going with Wuthering Heights - I finished it and it was pretty good! Heathcliff is still a bit of an arse though. He poisons everyone he is around. Bitter, nasty man.

After reading such a classic, I needed something light and fluffy. Chick lit was in order. Hank told the Nerdfighters to read 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson a few weeks ago. I haven't finished it yet, mostly because the library was slow to get it to me. It's pretty good in a lets overdescribe the makeout scenes kind of way. I'm loving the traveling around Europe part though.

I wasn't content with reading just one book of chick lit though (because I have uber mad reading skillz) so I began reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer at the same time. Reading Twilight is like reading Mills & Boon for teenagers, but I find it oddly compelling. I think it's the vampires. They eat people dude! They full-on rip people apart!

Trust me to miss all the stuff about love despite adversity etc etc. Isabella is a bit of an annoying protagonist in my opinion - always dithering around and never confident in herself. Actually there are many times so far where I've just wished Edward would eat her. Does that make me a bad person?

Speaking of Twilight I think I should go and try and finish it before I go off to my music festival this weekend. Reading is for the win.

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  1. And this from the man concerned with "Manly LOLs."

    hahahahaha... xD

    To be perfectly honest, I scarcely read fiction ever. When it came to Harry Potter, I opted for the movies (usually six months after they came out, on DVD). But with Wuthering Heights I didn't get that far. No, instead I just contend with the Kate Bush song.

    Heathcliff it's me Kathy...