Monday, 31 March 2008

Morning Pages... In The Evening... Re-written In The Afternoon.

This post contains two 'F-bombs'. Get over it.

I'm having trouble with a script at uni. I have to write a script, and as the days tick by I get more and more anxious about it.

Normally I would not be so freaked out over a script of all things. A script. A story. Simple right? Well I would normally be fine - except my lecturers for that subject intimidate the poo out of me. At the beginning of the semester one of them stood at the front of the lecture hall and declared:


After that it only got worse. In my tutorial creative people seemed to bloom around me - making characters and scenarios worthy of Booker Prizes.

I thought and realized creating characters only to fling them into perilous dramas seems cruel. Like I'm going to have the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Protagonists on my case for specifically creating a character so it can live a life of misery between the pages.

I know what my lecturers would say. It is the sinister and nebulous Censor getting the better of me. The great Satan of the creative mind which lurks, monitoring thoughts and says You don't have a story to tell. You're just a nobody. Ha!

My lecturers will tell me to say a big "fuck you" to the Censor. In fact, there's a good chance they will get me to draw my representation of the Censor on the board and will literally get me to say "fuck you" in front of the class. The rest of the students will gather around me and sway, burning incense while chanting anti-Censor liturgies.

I wonder what their reaction would be when they found out that my representation of my Censor is actually a picture of my lecturers?

I'm not helped by the fact that I'm not a native fiction writer. I write editorial-style, Francis Whiting-esque pieces. Yesterday I tentatively decided I would write about a bookstore. I even went so far as to call it a "comedic detective story about a shoplifter". And reading that back, it doesn't sound too bad. Down with the Censors!

Anyway, the idea must expand. Who is the main character? It will be based on someone kind of like me, but not actually me. Like a simple me. His name will be... Acton? I'd love to use a Brontë pseudonym.

Oh! Wouldn't this be cool! Currer, Ellis and Acton - crime fighting trio. That shoplifter hasn't got a chance. They can leap around spouting literary references on par with Thursday Next; inspecting babies' prams and looking in old ladies' handbags for illicitly concealed paperbacks. And who would be the actual culprit? A destitute lady with an uncontrollable desire for Mills & Boon, who has a ragamuffin son who reads historical novels and books about where words come from and that sort of thing. At the end Currer, Ellis and Acton will not press charges because the crimes were committed in the name of love for reading. Instead it will end with a close-up of Currer as he monologues to no one in particular about the virtues of public libraries.


This needs work I think.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Looking for Alaska

I finished the viscously passionate vampire romp that is Twilight but haven't had the persistence to finish Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes. The library wants Blue Envelopes back or they say they'll start getting mad and charging me money. I'm actually halfway through, but for some reason whatsherface has has begun to resent her dead aunt for sending her on the adventure of a lifetime and I'm finding it really frustrating.

Is it normal to despise the main character of all the books you read? It happens to me all the time. I just can't stand them. Who said they were so important? Ungrateful attention seekers - all of them. Harry Potter is actually the worst of them all. Don't get me started on Harry, please. That's not to say I don't like the books. I love them. But Harry; he needs a good slapping.

I espied John Green's first novel Looking for Alaska while I was at the library, and being a person lacking any kind of self-control I promptly borrowed it out and began to read it immediately. I have to say that so far it's one of the best pieces of youth fiction I've read since Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta.

That's a pretty big claim, I know, considering that Alibrandi actually made me cry when I read that really depressing bit. Apparently I like books where the title is about looking for someone.

This is the point where people from highschool laugh at me because I cried at a book we studied for Year 11 English. But I don't care. I don't want to give anything away, but that was a freaking tragedy.

(EDIT 2/Apr/08 12:33AM - Well John let it out of the bag. The 'depressing bit' is a suicide.)

Also what I'm loving at the moment is John's use of punctuation. He even uses a question mark and an exclamation mark together. I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I bet he would be a supporter of the interrobang; a bit of punctuation I've had a crush on for a years now, but which I can never use because people look at you funny.

Next it looks like I'm going to read the Harry Potter series again, start to finish. Fallofautumndistro has gotten the jump on me with it. He's a slow reader though, so I'll catch up soon enough.

EDIT 29/Mar/08 11:45PM - "I sat in my quarter of the car and smoked, wondering why the old woman at Coosa Liquors didn't just pull that one hair out of her mole." - Potentially the funniest quote from Alaska so far.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter 2008

Every Easter or Christmas there is usually one thing that stops me and makes me reevaluate the way I think of the holiday. This Easter it has been three things.

The other week my friend Steve found a sick baby bird and began to nurse it back to health. He made this video:

I know Steve didn't know how provocative that would be for me but when he said How could something so innocent just die? it made very tangible to me what happened way back at the death of Christ.

The thought that is was done for me of all people is outright mind-blowing. Those thoughts mix with the bridge of a song by David Crowder*Band called "Do Not Move"

The costliest of costs
The deadliest of loss
The wonder of the cross
The breath of life that stops
The hope of heav'n bought
The wonder of the cross
The wonder of the cross
Of the cross
I don't want to move
Breathe in deeper now

How odd that in such a death I can find the greatest victory - such that I shall find that same victory in my own death when it comes.

For some reason it is the death and not the resurrection which I find fascinating this year. Perhaps another time I will muse on the words why do you look for the living amongst the dead? and the exciting possibility and controversy attached to them.

Finally, the song "Deathbead" by Relient K. It's more of a story than a song; about a man who lived a pretty depressing and terrible life. He is about to die of lung cancer, but near the end of the song Jesus appears to the man and says:

Before we go up, I thought we might reminisce. See one night in your life when you turned out the lights you asked for and prayed for my forgiveness.

You cried wolf. The tears they soaked your fur. The blood dripped from your fangs. You said 'what have I done?' You loved that Lamb. With every sinful bone. And there you wept alone. Your heart was so contrite. You said 'Jesus please forgive me of my crimes. Sanctify this withered heart of mine. Stay with me until my life is through. And on that day please take me home with you.'

And I suppose without the last one, the impact the other two had on me make no sense at all. I don't think I've done any of the things the dying man did in the story, but this song always gives me the shivers because it is exactly how I feel about the redemption in my own life.

The cross is so wonderful and terrible; I know it will hold my fascination forever.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mr Narrow Followed Me Home From Easterfest

Easterfest was such a blast. I even tanned. I never thought it was possible either, but my arms and neck beg to differ. I'll use my Twitter posts as reminders for me, so I might do this festival justice.

Got my camping spot fine. Can't wait for tomorrow!
I rocked up with Anna and we set up our tents. People arrived steadily throughout Thursday until the campsite was basically full. Thursday was pretty boring really because there was nothing on. We were going to go to a movie, but then we didn't. Instead we hung around and talked to other people in the campsite. I played a card game called Warlords and Scumbags with these people from another church, and I was the scumbag the first round, then worked my way up to middle class on the second before bowing out. Everyone went to bed relatively early so they would be fresh for Friday.

All the volunteers here appear to have American accents. What's up with that? Got orange shirt for Fancy Pants.
There was a Lifeline op-shop at the festival, so I got me a see-through shirt to add to my Fancy Pants outfit. I also found out that many of the volunteers were from YWAM Brisbane, which is why many of them were American.

Just found out Audio Adrenaline is reforming for one performance only Easterfest 09!
After they announced this from the main stage, I nearly fell over with amazement. I never thought I would ever see Audio A live, ever. I must, at all costs, go to Easterfest 09 and see one of the first rock bands I grew up listening to as a child. If they don't play Some Kind of Zombie next year I will cry. I really will.

OMG! I just saw an old lady in the tent watching MXPX! I'm so proud of her!
After listening to The Lads and all the jumping around that entails, I had no more oomph left for MxPx. So while I was checking out the punk-loving old bitties I sat and watched MxPx while drinking a strawberry milkshake. I'm so hardcore.
The Newsboys. Never, ever had a show like that before. Ever!
I spent Saturday running around after some of the bands I missed out on seeing on Friday, including Darwin girl, Janna Mercedes. I also watched Modern Joy again (I discovered them on Friday morning) and danced like a mad thing to their cover of You Spin me Round (Like a Record).

Pretty soon it was time for the Australian night at the main stage though. We had Alabaster Box and the Newsboys. It was the best night ever! I was just a few people away from the runway they had coming off the stage for the Newsboys. The lead singer, Peter Furler did a big drum battle with the band's drummer. It was amazing. The most epic show I've seen! Then I ran over to see Antiskeptic, a punk-rock band from Melbourne. That show was off the hook! Apparently they are breaking up in September of this year. I'll have to get their final album to send them off.

Festival is over now. Had the best time!
Sunday was taken up (mostly) with going to church services. I caught NewWorldSon (a Canadian jazz band) during the day though. During this festival I've uncovered a love of Jazz music I never really knew I had. While listening to them during the week I decided that if you don't spontaneously start dancing then all is lost - you don't have a soul.

In the evening I went to the combined churches of Toowoomba service which had 10 000+ people and saw Jars of Clay. I was a little bit disappointed in their live show. Not much energy or interaction with the audience. Plus, how could they ever compete with the madness of the Newsboys? Still, it went off when they played Dead Man (Carry Me). Then I got dressed up in my fancy pants stuff and went to the Fancy Pants Ball hosted by Scat, a Brisbane-based jazz band.

The Chai Tent
Besides the Newsboys concert, the best thing about the festival was the YWAM Chai Tent, which had accoustic music all day. On one side YWAM Brisbane was selling chai tea and people would sit around on the floor of the tent listening or chatting or even falling asleep! It was also a really good place to get out of the sun.

I'll have a short video about the festival coming soon, but I'm waiting on permission to use the song Mr Narrow by Modern Joy. Mr Narrow followed me home and won't leave my CD player alone. Also he won't let me go out in the freezing snow, oh oh oh hey. He won't let me, won't let me go.

Ooooo yeah.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easterfest Updates

Tomorrow morning I'm running off to Easterfest so I can claim the most bestest camping spot in the whole wide Toowoomba. Today I had some things to do to tie up some loose ends (I've still got to do some washing) and one of those things was going op-shopping! Last time I mentioned the Fancy-Pants Ball, and as of today I still hadn't bought anything to wear. Now I'm all set though. Lookey:


I'm actually afraid I look too nice in these clothes. Fancy-Pants is all about looking as garish as possible. I found some earth-shattering old man's pants at one of the op-shops I went to, but they were too short in the leg and WAY too wide at the waist. They were tartan pants and everything. I was très disappointed.

You can't see it in the picture very well, but the pants are pinstripe and the jacket is actually a dinner jacket. The hat is one that I bought over a year ago but never wear because it has two buckles that sit on my ears and make them uncomfortable. The t-shirt is the one I got for my birthday, so not strictly op-shop. I might be able to pick up something else in an op-shop in Toowoomba, but for now at least I have something to go in.

The whole outfit cost me $11 - $6 for the pants and $5 for the jacket. The op-shop selling the pants was an expensive one. Their jackets were $20+!

Because I'll be living in a tent for the next three or four days I've decided that I'm going to post updates via my mobile phone to Twitter. If you want to see what antics I've been getting up to for Easterfest then you can either come back here and look at my Twitter bar on the side (shows the last 5 updates) or follow me on Twitter itself (just click the 'follow' button underneath my picture). I won't be posting heaps and heaps because it's a bit expensive, but I'll do one or two a day just so you know what you are missing out on.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Chick Lit FTW!

I forgot to tell you how I was going with Wuthering Heights - I finished it and it was pretty good! Heathcliff is still a bit of an arse though. He poisons everyone he is around. Bitter, nasty man.

After reading such a classic, I needed something light and fluffy. Chick lit was in order. Hank told the Nerdfighters to read 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson a few weeks ago. I haven't finished it yet, mostly because the library was slow to get it to me. It's pretty good in a lets overdescribe the makeout scenes kind of way. I'm loving the traveling around Europe part though.

I wasn't content with reading just one book of chick lit though (because I have uber mad reading skillz) so I began reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer at the same time. Reading Twilight is like reading Mills & Boon for teenagers, but I find it oddly compelling. I think it's the vampires. They eat people dude! They full-on rip people apart!

Trust me to miss all the stuff about love despite adversity etc etc. Isabella is a bit of an annoying protagonist in my opinion - always dithering around and never confident in herself. Actually there are many times so far where I've just wished Edward would eat her. Does that make me a bad person?

Speaking of Twilight I think I should go and try and finish it before I go off to my music festival this weekend. Reading is for the win.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Hair: The Blog

I felt really unglamourous today. My cousin came over and my hair was all messy all over the place and it would not be tamed. I'm sure it looked better when I grew it in Darwin. Maybe the people are just more unattractive there and I just looked hotter in comparison.

Oh Darwin readers, I'm only joking. Calm down.

I keep telling myself I'm looking so scruffy so that I'll have a woolly winter style when it comes time for winter. Only thing is I just saw a video on YouTube that made me rethink the whole long hair thing:

The music gives me braingasms, yes, and I also nearly fell in love with the nymph girl when she crawled out of the piano near the end, but The Rocket Summer's hair is not what I had in mind.

Perhaps this is the sort of thing I was thinking of?

No. Not a cactus. Watch the video. Gosh.

OH WAIT! I did not just compare myself to charlieissocoollike!


It looks like there's years of effort (or neglect?) gone into his hair anyway. We don't even look alike so would his hair really work on my head? I'm not super into the long hair look. I'll get rid of it once summer rolls around again.

I know the next time I walk into a hairdresser I'm going to end up in the chair. The girl is going to flit around fiddling with her scissors and flicking that blue water off her combs all the while asking me difficult questions; the most difficult of which will be WHAT DID YOU HAVE IN MIND?

I would bring in pictures to give her the general idea, but I'm afraid she'll think that I subconsciously want to be the person in the photo. Inevitably that person will be some kind of male model or something with a face that says... well you know that face that they do. Hairdressers intimidate me enough as it is. I don't need her thinking that I secretly want to be the face of Calvin Klein.

Friday, 14 March 2008

What If It Never Came Back?

One of the amazing things about Random Chicken isn't that she speaks randomly, but that she speaks at all. I can just imagine an unwashed villager running through 14th Century markets screaming to all who will hear "Oh my word! My chicken spake unto me 'electrical jockstrap!' I wasnae even awareth electricity had been invented!"

I on the other hand, cannot speak. I've lost my voice. I woke up this morning with a tickle in my throat and all day at uni it escalated into a full-blown, voice-losing throat bug. It even hurts to swallow (that's what she said!)

Good news is that I'm Soothering the hell out of this bastard. Oh you little eucalyptus blessings, you were sent from the very bosom of heaven itself.

Imagine if my voice just never came back at all. While I imagine my blogging would go on unabated, vlogging would become a real pain in the bum. I guess I could just pull a Magibon and get bazillions of subscribers by looking blankly into the camera while eating pizza, except for the fact that I'm neither Asian nor female.

I'd be excused from having to answer my lecturer's (note I'm talking about just one lecturer here) ridiculous questions that way. "What was the thing in the 20th Century that made us all think differently?"

Good grief.

Apparently the answer was Freudian psychology. Also apparently the answer was obvious.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Internet Speeds

One day about five years from now I will look back at my current internet connection problems and laugh. "What simple times I lived in" I will say. "To think that I had to wait fifteen minutes for a two minute video to load on YouTube."

Let's just hope the connection I have now is fast enough that I don't get left behind by all the people who have normal connections. Either that or Telstra could just pull their finger out and provide proper service to my damn area.

I just uploaded a 19 second video to YouTube because people thought I had stopped making videos. No, I have been making videos, but because they are over X number of megabytes big I haven't been able to upload them. I have to upload a video at a friend's house tonight because it's 60MB.

Is this 2008 or what? I want the future back.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Anyone Gots Twitter?

The radio station that I'm volunteering at sent me an invitation to join Twitter. Even though I said to myself I wouldn't be joining any more online things like Facebook or Bebo or whatever I joined it for some reason.

I don't know anyone on Twitter besides the radio station. If you are on Twitter, add me so I can follow what you are doing. Because, like, I have to know.

My Twitter profile is pretty snazzy. I made it with Black Duck in the background.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

But I Was Like, Nawww....

Although I don't actually have the hots for this girl, guess who I was going to leave this comment for on the Ning but didn't? I was *this close* to actually posting this, but I didn't, because I'm freaky enough on the internet as it is.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Neobabbage Week 1

Neobabbage. Babbage. Babbage. Babb-age. It's just one of those words you know? I could say 'babbage' all day and still be all "Hey dude have you babbage?" It's like with the Nerdfighters when they say something like "When I was a child I was really BEST WISHES!"

I love telling jokes other people don't get! I don't even say 'dude' in real life!

Last night - technically this morning - I said to myself "Let's do some of that uni homework that you have been procrastinating about." I said this at about 12:20 AM so I decided that I would just work for an hour and finish it off later on. Unfortunately at 1:20 AM my obsessive impulse kicked in and I said to myself "NO! NO WE MUST FINISH OFF THIS UNI WORK! WE MUST FINISH EVERYTHING FOREVER!" so I stayed up until something like 3:00.

It's my own silly fault for writing too much about each website. Also I had to ferret out the last one and re-explore it because I hadn't actually visited it in about six months. Six months in internet years is about 5 years by the way; just in case you didn't know.

Also I felt bad because I was writing in my casual blog style (I have a reputation to uphold!) and telling all the silly jokes about Boudica and ugly Blogger templates took up words that really should have been talking about things in academic terms. I don't think my lecturer will mind - he just really wants me to get my message across. I chose a way of telling that message and it takes up more words than the concise, academic style which I'm thinking everyone else will use. But if I still get my message across then does it really matter? In this case, it probably doesn't; but I'm sure he'll tell me if it does.

The moral of the story is that even though it doesn't have any pictures and it is quite long, have a look at my blog entry over at Neobabbage. I just want to make sure someone other than my lecturer has had a read of it because it took me so long to write it.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Go Canada!

Today I started a love affair with Canada. It's really cool you know because Canada can speak French when Canada wants to be sexy, but when Canada just wants to talk to me about the shopping or whatever Canada can just talk to me in English.

If an Australian ever gets caught in a country with no Australian embassy then that Australian can just rock up to the Canadian one and be like "Hey! Our countries have a special agreement! Can you be my embassy for me real quick?" and the Canadian person behind the counter will be all "Yeah no problem, I'm gonna contact your government for you mmkay?"

And to think both of those pop-culture references are from American cultural sources.

My youth group has a Team Canada. I'm all yeah! Team Canada!

I like to yell "GO CANADA!" when we play games. It is funny because I am obviously not Canadian but there is a guy who is Canadian. You see, it's funny because you would think that he would be the one getting excited about Canada, but instead it is me who is the one who is getting excited.

Tonight I got 1000 points for team Canada because I popped the right balloon and it had a bit of paper in it which had this guy's signature on it. I feel like I am a valuable member of Team Canada.

I am like dude! This totally doesn't fit into any of my categories! Boo hiss. Ah well I'll just stick it in with the Religion. I did mention church after all.

(Edit 10/Nov/08 - Okay so I finally tagged this as "Utter Nonsense" after creating the tag months ago. Kinda kills the joke eh?)

(PS: Ohohohoho! You see that?! You see what I just did there in the edit?! You... I... oh never mind.)

Internet Sundries

There is as yet no icon for when I talk about the internet. I couldn't think of one that didn't involve a whole heap of spider-webs and those are a pain to draw. Also I would have been tempted to put Toilet Spider in there and that's just not nice. I'm going to use the YouTube icon instead, but I want it on the record that I actually wanted to use the internet icon, even though I don't have an internet icon.

It occurred to me that it is possible that some people from YouTube who have blogs think I'm a bit of a stalker. I'm thinking in particular at the moment of WalllofWeird, but potentially other users think I'm a bit of a freak too. Why? I have an RSS reader that gives me instant notification whenever their blogs update. I got notification that Katrina had updated her text-blog and I left a comment straight away, but I realised it looks like I've been constantly refreshing her blog just to see if she'd posted yet.

I mean, I guess I don't really care. I don't actually know Katrina after all. Only I also by chance came across her secret channel (with only two l's) and left a comment there too. That was within an hour or whatever of the blog thing. If someone did that to me I would probably think they were being a really super-obsessive fan.

There's every chance Katrina is reading this considering my comments on her blog contain a link to my blog (it's an OpenId thing). To Katrina I say don't worry - I do this to lots of people.

Also, if you didn't think I had enough blogs already, one of my subjects at uni requires me to start a blog about the internet. Enter Neobabbage, my blog about the internet. It'll probably update around once a week for the weekly task that we are required to do. I may or may not update it more often on the topic of the internet during this semester just so I can get brownie points from my lecturer. I'm such a suckup.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

20th Birthday

So it was my actual birthday yesterday, but I didn't blog that day. Well I did, for the Daily Lol Campaign, but not on here.

I didn't actually do anything on that day besides eat my doughnut cake and wear my new shoes. Oh did I mention I got those shoes from my parents?

I look like such an emo in this picture.

Also I opened the present Dick and Maz gave to me that I had been patiently saving until my actual birthday day. Turns out it was a windupable torch. If you wind the handle for one minute you can get 45 minutes of juice out of the thing. That present goes perfectly with the tickets to that Mum and Dad gave me a week or so ago because I will be camping.


Mum and Dad also got me a t-shirt, but considering I wore it yesterday it's now in the wash I don't have a picture. It goes with the shoes.

Finally I got this email today from my sister who lives in America (it's still the 5th over there). I think it is so lovely I'm going to put the whole thing on here.
Dearest Ro Boat,
I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I wish I could be there to give you a big birthday hug. I know I am terrible at emailing people, but I am thinking of you, and wish I could be there to celebrate with a cold one!!! Lots of love your biggest sis Ceara
Pretty soon I'll turn 21 and I'll be able to go over there and have a cold one with her!

Tonight I'm going over to a friend's place to watch Summer Heights High (another birthday present). My friend Rick also got me other stuff, including Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (probably the biggest freaking book I will ever read) and The Carry On Collection 2.

End gloating... now.

(Ed - later that day - I think I've successfully made myself look like a complete weirdo in both these pictures today.)

Monday, 3 March 2008


Hey did you see my collaboration video with HalfScottishGuy and killert00thbrush? Even though I was actually making fun of people who do collaborations just to get subscribers, I got something like 30 subscribers on top of my goal number of 366 (at the time of writing, I currently have 390 subs).

I wrote it, Rob edited it, Leuke cameoed in it. Good times.

This video appeared on Rob's channel at about midnight last night/this morning. I love doing collaboration videos because they are so much fun! I'm also trying to think of a good idea to do a collaboration with Liam (littleradge). We decided we would do one ages ago but neither of us has had an idea for one.

I've also got an idea for a MEGACOLLABORATION but haven't got the script nice and ironed out yet. I also need to talk to some people to see if they can do what I have in mind. If it works out it's going to be sweet, sweet sweetness.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Goal Reached!

I said a little while ago that my goal was to get one subscriber per day I've been on YouTube. Well I did it just then - a month early. I'm a wee bit surprised really because at the time I set that goal, I was about a month behind and I genuinely thought I wouldn't make it.

I'm really pleased at the moment when it comes to YouTube. Not especially because I reached my goal. The number is essentially arbitrary and not really why I joined YouTube anyway. You could climb that subscriber ladder forever and still feel like you needed more.

No I'm really pleased right now because I've made some new friends there just recently and it's been a lot of fun chatting away to them. Every now and then I think "even if I didn't get to know any more people, I would be content with who I've already met online". I usually take it back the next day, but it's kind of true at least.

I mean sure, online friends can never (and should never) overtake spending time with 'IRL' friends, but it is an awful lot of fun to have an MSN multi-convo with people from all over the country and all over the world. Better than watching the telly anyway. Plus you eventually meet these people, even if it's years down the line. They might even become real life friends - like my friend Mitto, er, Matthew.

Plus who knows what contact might be useful next time you are stuck without help in the middle of Europe somewhere?

The Long Haul - Skins Soundtrack

In my family, birthdays go for days. Days and days. The presents trickle in little by little. The Fillet-fest has only just begun for me, considering my actual birthday isn't until Wednesday.

However, last night Ellen gave me a gift-voucher for JB Hi-Fi; a music/games/DVDs/sound system megastore. I always go into JB and look at the things there to buy and then realise I sadly have no money, so I leave a little bit mad at myself for having gone there in the first place. This time though, I was able to buy me some of that music I've been wanting for this whole time.

I was tossing up between the soundtrack of Juno and the Skins soundtrack. In the end I picked Skins because I knew that I would definitely buy Juno music even if I didn't pick it up today. Plus if I had bought Juno I would have had one dollar left on the gift voucher. You know what a pain those orphan-dollars are on gift cards. So Skins it was.

It's a pretty awesome compilation. I can see it being the soundtrack to some future 00's party where everyone dresses up as emos, ravers and geeks. Actually I've already shotgunned that one for my 21st party, even though it'll only be 2009 so the era we are parodying hasn't officially ended yet. To be honest though, these last ten years or so have been a second 80's and everybody knows it, it's just that we don't like to admit we all still hum the riff in Ice, Ice Baby.

The main reason I got the album was because of the Skins theme tune, which is even more awesome played start to finish than it is at the start of the show. It's full of syncopated banjo twanging and synthesiser schoobling. There are bells and triangles and all sorts. It's the sort of music you could listen to on a train and you would find your life has just turned into one immersive music video.

The rest is a mix of semi-trance music and post-modern I'm-not-punk-because-punk-got-commercial punk. Sometimes it's a bit assaulting on the ears but it doesn't leave you stressed out because it's got its slow songs too.

Essentially, thanks for the pressie Ellen.

Parents Say The Darndest Things

Attention: This post was originally written on the 23/Feb/08. I know I said (or, 'I know I will say?') that I was being rebellious but I chickened out just before I hit the 'Publish Post' button. She did entrust the house to me after all, so instead I saved it and this can function as a "this is what happened" blog, even though I'm talking about it in the future tense. I am a good boy! Go me!

Fully aware that my Aunt is going to tell my Mum about this post next time they see each other down at the shops - I'm going to go ahead and in a fit of rebelliousness tell you what my Mum just said to me before going to bed.

She says in the most serious of tones:

"Rohan, make sure you don't make a video that you are having friends over for your birthday"

Well that isn't exactly what she said. What she actually said also included the date said friends where coming to my house. But when she said that to me I exclaimed with an indignant, "MUM!!!" (with the three exclamation marks) "How stupid do you think I am?" She replied with something noncommittal and then said something about not putting it on my website either.

So, in keeping with the letter and not the spirit of her request, I am not announcing the date or time that I am having four friends over for drinks and Guitar Hero. Don't even try to guess you'll only get it wrong. Even if you were to get it right there would not be enough snacks for you so don't even bother. (Hint: It was last Friday night).

I will never end up being the next Cory what's-his-face! My celebrations are covered in obscurity! Not that the sort of people who would turn up to a Cory-gig would think of my thing as a party anyway.

It's really nothing. I'm just turning 20 after all.

P.S: Thanks for the present, Maz but I'm not opening it until my actual birthday! <3