Saturday, 23 February 2008

Wet 'n Wild plus A Teenager No More

Today I spent all day at the salt and chlorine and urine-smelling place that is Wet 'n Wild. It was pretty good I suppose. I went with the youth group of my church and so I hung around Mitto for most of the day and we nerded it up about YouTube in between rides. People talk really loudly in theme parks. We basically had to yell at each other about the fiveawesomegirls while we were waiting for the Black Hole.

We've also come up with an idea for a kind of 'collaboration video' except it's not. Basically we are trying to fool as many people as we can - no more details will be divulged until we shoot and edit this baby. Meanwhile, if you read this blog and see the video(s) then please don't do the "Oh wait but..." and then give it away. That defeats the whole point.

Finally on the Wet 'n Wild front the power cut out at about 3:30 in the arvo and it didn't turn on again. All the rides stopped working and none of the pool filtration systems were running. Some people kept swimming, but I saw how murky the water was while the filters were running let alone what they would look like after 150+ people had been swimming in it for an hour. Eww.

Also I'm turning 20 soon. On the 5th of March actually. For a while I was like "Oh my gosh! I'm not going to be a teenager anymore! I've been a teenager so long I don't know what to do!" It's stupid I know, because that's what you're supposed to do when you are thirty but give me a break - suddenly all the youth resources I have ever bought no longer apply to me, seeing as they are all suffixed with "for teens."

Anyway, I was like that for a bit. Not sad, but kind of overwhelmed with the idea I've been poking around for two decades. I probably did the same when I turned ten, only I'd been poking for just one decade - in fact I think I do remember thinking that! Now I'm really excited for it though. I'm like yeah lets pwn this decade!

Also I'm fully aware that my catchphrase upon entering my 20s contains the word 'pwn' which no doubt will date faster than puffed sleeves, but I feel it accurately captures the spirit of 2008.


My 20s are going to rock.

The end.

(No pictures or links were included in today's post because I am tired, but not tired enough to not post a blog, but tired enough not to do it properly.)


  1. To be honest, I thought you were older.

  2. No razor blades in the slides, then?

  3. @ Neßo: Would you believe I didn't give it a single thought all day?!

    @ John: Nope. I'm just a young'n. My age is supposed to appear on my YT profile but it doesn't for some reason. Meh.