Thursday, 28 February 2008


I know I'm going to regret ever saying this but... I'm actually looking forward to going back to uni. In particular, I have a class with my favourite lecturer ever, Jason Nelson. I'm assuming it's ok to say his name, considering he's my favourite lecturer ever. However, I won't say the name of another lecturer I have this semester, who happens to be my least favourite. Fun fun.

Why is Jason is my favourite lecturer? Here is an extract from an email he sent to the whole class:
We will be your favorite teachers of all time, your
respect and adoration of us will be so massive that you
will bring food to all classes!
Normally lecturers are really stingy about people bringing edibles into classes. It's a big WATER ONLY rule, even in classes that don't require computers. He also sometimes wears a grey jumpsuit to his lectures.

In fact, Jason is so awesome he has a Wikipedia entry about him. However, I actually find his Uncyclopedia entry to be more informative. (Really it is! At least, it was when I created the link with my god-like powers of WYSIWYG net-creation.)

I totally don't want this post to be one long love letter to Jason, but that looks like what it's turning out to be. I suppose in a way he reminds me of a story I read on one of my favourite blogs - only in a nice way. Hmm. Imagine if the university board read this and was all "drunk in classes?!" and fired him.

Well let me just tell you, university board, he isn't drunk in classes; I'm sure he is only high on life. The paragraph above was just a sweet segueway into a funny link. Like, chill. You're always getting worked up about stuff - gosh!

He's totally going to find this too. He's hopelessly vain - Googling himself all the time, he is.

Bah. I'll publish anyway. The content monster wants feeding.


  1. I *think* that my friend was the one who wrote that uncyclopedia article for an assignment for Jason Nelson. It might have been someone else, though.

  2. I asked, and it turns out that it was Alex who wrote that article.