Saturday, 9 February 2008

They Really Do

I didn't really mean to update today after the orgy of updating that went on yesterday, but then again I used some comics in my video which I don't think you may have seen. Also, sometimes when I go into my old blog to refer to something I've done previously I can't find it even if I know it exists. It'll show up on Google, but the actual archives of my old blog are disappearing I think! Or maybe it's just the images that are disappearing...

Anyhoo, here's a comic that I did last year which I'm not sure you can find anywhere else anymore. Green ants, as they are called, are often eaten by the indigenous people in North East Arnhem Land. I've also eaten them, and the natural acids in the ants make them taste kind of sour and fizzy. It reminds me vaguely of sherbet.
There. I explained one of my comics. Kind of robs it of all the magic don't you think? Yeah I thought so too. Let's go back to the "just enjoy it you philistine" philosophy of comic-reading. That's what I do.

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