Monday, 25 February 2008


I'm completely loving the UK drama, Skins at the moment. Of course, it's too edgy to get played by anyone but SBS so it's stuck at some backwater timeslot on a channel that hardly anyone watches. I'll be surprised if anyone actually knows what I am talking about. As always Australia is behind in the episodes we're getting - the final episode of season 1 is getting played on Monday week - nearly a year behind the UK.

I think it's actually stupidly popular everywhere but Australia - there's been no stir about it here. It's a really good series, though. Maybe a bit more full-on than my own teenage years, (oh my! I'm not even 20 yet and already I'm talking about "my teenage years!") but I know there were certainly people in my year-level at school who lived like that every week.

Only problem is that I missed the first three or four episodes. I really need to find the DVD of season 1. Ugh! I'll never find it in a video rental store!

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  1. Soft teen porn with a storyline... yeah, I can't imagine why Australia hasn't lapped this up.

    I think (honestly) it might be because its on SBS. Just sayin'.