Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Just Enjoy it you Phillistine!

The most amazing thing happened! I found a comic on my external hard drive that I drew last year but never posted to my old blog! Good thing too because the little character from this comic makes a good little logo for my Is it a Webcomic? posts. I suppose I'll call him... Art Critic.

Anyway, I think I didn't post this originally because it wasn't immediately clear what Art Critic is looking at. It's supposed to be that Andy Warhol picture of all the cans of soup (he was the one that did that picture wasn't it? :S)


  1. You are so tricky, you sly dog you.

  2. hi! Your webcomic is great! I have seen some really funny ones on the web, I would tell you the website if I could remember it!