Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Globally Discussed - Damn Sexy Honours

Time to brag a little bit.

I got on the top 100 'most discussed' and 'highest rated' lists for the 'Howto & Style' category for the global site. That's pretty cool, even though both honours are in the 40s and the 'Howto & Style' category is pretty underpopulated. Only thing is, I could keep getting more comments and more ratings which would keep pushing me up that list, but I would never know about it unless I was obsessively checking and rechecking my honours hour by hour.

For the record, I do not obsessively check and recheck my honours. No really I don't.

So this is as far as I'll probably check my honours for this video, and I'm pretty pleased with how it was recieved considering it was a thirty-second video of me monologuing about something that happened to me that same day.

The rest of the honours you see in the picture are for the Australia site only. Considering I'm really only competing against perhaps 200 other users, it's not all that hard to get #7 top rated in Australian Howto & Style.

Here's the video:


  1. Hey love your vids. I think you deserve #1 on the global page.

  2. Try being number #2 most discussed (over ALL categories) in Australia sometime... lol

    JOJ = suchawhore